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You can trust Houzy

indipendent and neutral

Independent & Neutral

We are an independent, young Swiss company and finance ourselves through partners and investors.

free-of-charge guarantee

Free of charge guarantee

Houzy is financed by the mediation of third party services as well as investors. For you as a user, Houzy is free of charge.

data protection

Data protection

Your data will not be passed on to third parties without your consent. As a user, you always decide when you want to share what and with whom.

Houzy Renovation funds calculator - How it works

Icon analysis of the conditions


1.Analyse condition

With just a few details about the property, the service life of its own and common components is analysed and the renovation timing is calculated.

Icon calculate renovation costs


2.Calculate renovation costs

The key data on the residential property are compared with thousands of comparative data and the approximate costs are estimated.

Icon test the renovation fund


3.Testing current coverage

Based on the stock of the renovation fund and your annual contribution, the proportion of the renovation costs that will be covered in the coming years is calculated.

Icon discover optimal contribution


4.Discover optimal contribution

Houzy proposes the optimal fund amount and directlz suggests the necessary individual contribution.

Expert knowledge made easily accessible for you

The digital condition analysis "HouzyCheck" is created in cooperation with QualiCasa AG, the Swiss expert in building analyses for over 15 years.

Their lifecycle model is based on empirical data tested by the University of St. Gallen (HSG). Large real estate investors use it to manage the maintenance of thousands of Swiss properties.

We make complex expert knowledge easily accessible to you through the HouzyCheck.

Our users about Houzy

Awesome what you get out of the data entered - congratulations and many thanks! I can’t wait for the new Houzy products!

Homeowner since 2005
Heinz Fischli

Houzy's property valuation gave me a good estimate of how much my house was worth. The whole thing was also super fast and straightforward.

Homeowner since 2013
Barbara Marti

A homeowner has many things to think about. Sometimes things get lost and can become very costly. Houzy elegantly reminds the necessary measures and thus makes a significant contribution to maintaining the value of the property.

Homeowner since 1990 and real estate marketer
Helmut Höhn