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HouzyCheck - Interactive life cycle table for renovations

To ensure that a property does not lose value, the various building components, such as the kitchen, the bathroom or the roof, must be regularly maintained and renovated. In order to tackle renovations correctly and thus act proactively instead of reactively, it is important to know about the individual service life of the individual components. Unthinking house renovations can quickly lead to above-average renovation costs and a financial bottleneck. Costs may also arise for property buyers if the condition of the house is not disclosed.

Houzy's Renovation Calculator helps playfully and easily to analyze the individual condition of the building parts and thus to calculate the corresponding renovation costs and timing of your property. The house or the apartment can be digitally recorded on the basis of fewer details and the condition can be calculated free of charge with a basic or more detailed "pro" version. The result can be seen in the form of a cost overview and interactive life table on the MyHouzy platform. The graphic shows you the optimal renovation timing per component as well as a rough cost estimate.

So you can approach renovations logically with a few clicks and save on costs, plan the budget correctly and increase the house value - free, non-binding and time-saving.

Houzy renovation planner – cost-effective renovations

From a structural point of view, it makes sense to renovate individual components together, although their renovation is due at different times. In addition to the estimated renovation costs and the calculated dates, the smart renovation planner shows you which components you should approach together in order to refurbish as cost-effectively as possible. As an example, you should also consider your kitchen when renovating the bathroom. The refurbishment planner recommends the appropriate stages and periods for a wise renovation of the components.

Planning renovations - that is why this is important

As a property owner, you not only assume the role of the resident, but also that of the investor, because: Real estate is a long-term investment that can last from 50 to 100 years. The overall life of the property consists of the various components and their respective shorter or longer life cycles. It is therefore important for you, as the owner, to plan ahead of time the costs of maintaining and renewing the components.

Your advantages with Houzy

Approach renovations logically with the renovation calculator

Approach renovations logically

The holistic renovation planning helps to tackle the interventions in the correct order and where appropriate bundled.

Minimise refurbishment costs

Minimise renovation costs

Without a clear planning of the renovations and the accompanying budget planning, you risk high renovation costs or a loss of value of your property in the longer term.

Liquid funds for renovations

Ensure necessary liquidity

Ensure necessary liquidityWith an early analysis that shows the need for renovation in the long term, you can optimize your budget planning and ensure that you can financially support the necessary renovations at the right moment.

Clarity with renovations

Clear up uncertainties

In case of uncertainties about the right time, whether there are seasonal framework conditions or whether you should renovate your home in stages or overall, the Houzy Check analysis can shed a light.

Your advantages with Houzy's online condition analysis

The Houzy Renovation Calculator is a high-quality and innovative analysis model that creates transparency about your current property or the desired property by calculating the need for renovation and the resulting renovation costs. The basic check is done in just 2 minutes and with the "pro version" the house or apartment can be analyzed even more accurately. The result is available to you as a cost overview and interactive lifetime table presented with further information and easy-to-contact industry partners, such as regional craftsmen.

Your advantages as a owner

The HouzyCheck helps you to plan your renovations as well as the required budget and prevents financial bottlenecks.

Your additional advantages as condominium owner

In addition to the condition analysis of your own and common components, you can analyze your renovation funds (for the degree of coverage and calculate the ideal contribution amount.

Your advantages as a buyer of a property

The building analysis gives you more security and transparency about hidden costs and can help you make the right purchase decision.

Check renovation needs – How it works

Icon start renovation calculator


1.Property description

The service life of the components is analysed and the renovation timing calculated with few info.

Icon calculate renovation costs


2.Renovation costs calculation

The property is compared with thousands of comparative data, so the approximate renovation costs can be calculated.

Icon result renovation calculator


4.Result available online

After performing the building analysis, you will receive online access to your free renovation calculation result by e-mail.

Expert knowledge made accessible

The result of the HouzyCheck is based on an analysis model from QualiCasa AG, the Swiss expert in building analyses since 2001. The life cycle model of Qualicasa is based on empirical data and helps large real estate investors to manage the upkeep of thousands of Swiss properties.

Based on millions of comparative data that are intelligently matched with your input by the HouzyCheck, you will receive a neutral, independent estimate of the renovation needs in no time.

With this complex expert knowledge, which is made easily accessible by the online condition analysis, every profane can become a home professional - online, fast and free of charge.

In addition, our HouzyCheck is the ideal first step for on-site analysis of QualiCasa AG’s value preservation plan.

You can trust Houzy

Icon indipendent and neutral

Independent & Neutral

We are an independent, young Swiss company and finance ourselves through partners and investors.

Icon Data protection

Data protection

Your data will not be passed on to third parties without your consent. As a user, you always decide when you want to share what and with whom.

Icon approved experts

Approved experts

We work together with carefully selected Swiss real-estate agents and craftsmen to meet your high quality standards

Our users about Houzy

I almost renovated my kitchen without renovating the plumbing, which would have cost me thousands of francs two years later. Luckily, HouzyCheck avoided that!

Home owner since 2003
Thomas Meyer

A huge THANK YOU for the great house check! The graphic is very clear, and it helps me to see how my house is doing. I will certainly do the check once a year from now on.

Home owner since 2017
Simone Bühlmann

Awesome what you get out of the data entered - congratulations and many thanks! I can’t wait for the new Houzy products!

Home owner since 2005
Heinz Fischli

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