Our digital tools provide full support to homeowners

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Purchase of house or apartment

Online property valuation, renovation needs analysis, checklists, expert network

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Renovations & Remodeling

Calculation of renovation timing and costs, regional craftsmen, renovation funds analysis and contribution calculators for condominium, construction experts

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Complete online dossier of the property

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Maintenance recommendations and reminders, smart DIY tips, digital management of finances & devices, garden

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Sale of houses or apartments

Condition and market analysis, expert network, checklists

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Modernization & added value

Smart Home (Coming Soon)

Condition of the property

Analysing the service life of the components and renovation timings

Use the renovation calculator to analyse the service life of the house and apartment components and find out the corresponding renovation times.

Renovation costs

Rough estimate of costs incurred and renovation funds analysis for condominium ownership

Houzy calculates the renovation costs and provides a cost overview for optimal budget planning. Condominium owners can also analyze their renovation fund coverage and calculate the ideal contribution.

Real-estate valuation

Calculate market value and compare mortgages

With the online property valuation, you can calculate the value of your property with just a few clicks - including location assessment. Value changes will then be shown to you in the quarterly frequency. Interested in mortgage comparison? No problem, that’s easy too!


Overview and optimisation of annual costs

Get an overview of your annual costs and easily optimize your budget planning with our financial tool.


Receive maintenance recommendations and plan tasks

Houzy creates maintenance recommendations tailored to your home, which inform you about upcoming tasks at the right time. You act proactively instead of reactively and prevent unnecessary damage and expenditure.

Regional Craftsmen

Find qualified and certified craftsmen to suit your needs

Finding qualified craftsmen is not trivial - except with Houzy. We cooperate regionally with selected craftsmen who offer a fair price-performance ratio. According to the motto "quality before quantity", we only cooperate with a maximum of three craftsmen per industry and region. A few clicks and you’re in contact.