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Affordability Calculator - Can you afford your dream property?

With the affordability calculator, you can immediately find out whether your financial means are sufficient for the purchase of your dream property.

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Calculate the affordability of your mortgage

You want to buy a house or an apartment? The affordability calculator quickly shows you whether you can afford your dream property.

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Calculate with just a few details whether you can afford your dream property.

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FAQs – Answers on our affordability calculator

What to do if the mortgage is not affordable?

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The interest to be paid can be reduced by bringing more savings and thus a smaller mortgage can be taken out. The calculation can also work out with the consideration of a second income (if you buy the property with your partner).

What does affordability mean?

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Affordability is expressed as a percentage and represents the ratio between income and the cost of the property. A maximum of one-third of income should be spent annually on housing costs.

What are own funds?

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The own funds are the equity capital, which is used for the purchase of a property. The own funds should be at least 20% of the real estate price. The higher the own funds, the better (lower) the loan-to-value ratio. Own funds include own cash, gifts (e.g. from relatives) as well as pre-drawn pension fund funds (however, the latter is only possible if at least 10% of the purchase price is available as effective cash).

How does the affordability calculator work?

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Enter the purchase price of the property, your annual gross income (payment from employer, without deductions such as taxes or social security contributions) and available equity in the corresponding fields and you will immediately receive a result. The affordability calculator provides an initial estimate of affordability, but does not replace a comprehensive analysis in a consultation.

Why do I need a affordability calculator?

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With the affordability calculator, you can calculate whether you can afford your dream property with your existing own funds and your annual income.

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