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Houzy Energy CalculatorEnergetic renovation and optimization of energy efficiency

Discover the current energy efficiency class of your property and simulate the impact of energy renovations. The Energy Calculator analyzes your savings potential and calculates the investment costs taking into account subsidies.

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Houzy Energy Calculator

Houzy Energy Calculator – Check energy efficiency and determine potential savings

With the Houzy Energy Calculator you can check your current energy efficiency class and simulate the effects of energy measures on the total energy consumption of your property, heating costs and CO2 emissions.

Discover energy efficiency class
Simulate energetic measures
Calculate investment costs and subsidies

Energy renovations advantages

Helps protecting the environment

Energy renovations are extremely effective climate protection measures: improved thermal insulation can reduce a building's energy needs by more than 50%. By switching to renewable energies, CO2 emissions are almost completely eliminated.

Energy renovations advantages

Value preservation

Energy-efficient renovation preserves the value and core substance of your property. Depending on the measure, your property gains in value and attractiveness.

Lower costs

Increased energy efficiency means lower energy costs. In average 60%  energy saving potential with the replacement of heating, windows and good exterior insulation. In addition to reduced electricity and maintenance costs, you also benefit from tax savings. Subsidies from the building program also reduce the investment costs.

Enhanced living comfort

Energy-efficient renovations and investments in modern building technology improve the indoor climate and raise the standard of equipment and living comfort. They thus also contribute to a higher quality of life.

Houzy Energy Calculator – How it works


Describe energy needs

Enter the relevant key data about your property and energy consumption in just a few steps.


Compute energy profile

Houzy identifies the current energy efficiency class of your property


Simulate measures

Simulate the impact of energy renovations on total energy consumption, heating costs, and CO2 emissions.


Get non-binding offers

With just a few clicks, you will receive non-binding offers from our certified experts.

Measures to optimize energy efficiency

With the Houzy Energy calculator you can easily simulate the impact of the following energy measures on your energy efficiency:

Façade: savings potential 10 – 20%.
Roof & screed: savings potential 10 – 20%.
Windows: savings potential 5% – 10
Heat pump: savings potential 5% – 10%
Photovoltaics: Savings potential 5% – 10%.
Houzy Energy Calculator
Houzy Energy Calculator

Houzy energy calculator – First step towards more energy efficiency

We help you with a first simple step towards energy efficiency. Because investing in energy-efficient renovations pays off several times over and is subsidized by the state through subsidy programs.

Start with an analysis of the current energy status and learn about optimization options. With the energy efficiency classification, you will find out which subsidies you are entitled to.

With our Houzy Energy Calculator, you can determine your current energy efficiency class (GEAK) based on just a few details and simulate energy measures that will help optimize your energy profile. Afterwards, a carefully selected network of experts is available to you on Houzy with a click.

Your contribution against climate change – future energy and environmental profile

With Houzy's Energy Calculator, you can quickly get an easy-to-understand overview of your current and future energy profile by simulating various renovation measures. Thanks to the before/after scenario, you can easily compare individual and combined measures. You learn what energy consumption the respective energy renovation measure generates and what savings potential this results in for you. You also learn how the measures affect your heating costs and your CO2 emissions.

By the way: With the help of the number of saved trees we show you how much you protect the environment with the energetic measures. Because less CO2 = fewer trees cut down.

Houzy Energy Calculator
Houzy Energy Calculator

Get non-binding offers from our experts

With the Energy Calculator, you can find out the energy class of your property in just a few minutes. If your energy efficiency class is lower than C, your property has potential for energy optimization.

With just a few clicks on Houzy, you can receive non-binding offers from our certified craftsmen for the corresponding optimization measures. Soon you will also be able to contact our energy advisor, who will assist you in planning energy renovations, getting certifications and answer your questions about subsidies.

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FAQs – Answers on Houzy

Where to start: Heating, roof or whole envelope?

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It makes sense to start with the insulation so that the heat from the new heating system is not lost through the uninsulated walls or roof. Besides, a smaller heater will be then sufficient, which will cost less and consume less if you insulate the walls first. It is best to consult an expert from the Houzy network, who will plan and execute the renovation for you step by step.

For which measures can I apply for subsidies?

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The federal government, cantons and individual municipalities provide financial support for energy-efficient renovations. The Energy Calculator of Houzy shows all subsidies when you simulate energetic measures and their effects. On dasgebaeudeprogramm.ch you will find an overview of the subsidy measures in your canton, and on energiefranken.ch you can use the locality or zip code to query all the subsidy programs available to you.

How much does energy renovation cost?

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That depends on the measures. With our energy calculator and renovation calculator, you can estimate the approximate investment costs. The energy calculator also shows how much subsidies you will receive. The investment costs are comparatively high, and the annual savings seem low at first glance. Nevertheless, an energetic renovation is worthwhile. On the one hand, because a large part of the costs would be incurred sooner or later anyway, for example for a new heating system. On the other hand, because the prices for oil and gas will increase significantly in the next few years due to rising taxes and incentive taxes.

Which energetic measures are useful?

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All energy-related renovation measures make sense. Which ones are suitable for your house depends on many factors. Most heat is lost through the building envelope, which is why better thermal insulation often makes sense. But you can also save money in the long term, preserve resources and protect the environment with a new heating system or a solar power system on the roof. With our energy calculator, you can easily simulate the effects of the measures and find out which ones make sense for you. Then you can ask an expert from our network for a free quote and plan the energy renovation step by step with him.

What is an energetic renovation?

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Energy-efficient renovations are measures that reduce energy consumption, for example with better thermal insulation or new windows, or replace fossil fuels such as gas or oil with renewable energies such as self-produced solar power. Because individual measures influence each other and should therefore be coordinated, a careful planning pays off. This includes a comprehensive analysis of the current situation by experts.

How is the energy efficiency class calculated?

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The Houzy Energy Calculator takes into account the building standard and renovations, just like the GEAK® building energy certificate of the cantons. In this way, we define the actual state of a building and derive from it the renovation potential of the building envelope, the systems engineering and all electrical installations. For our analysis of the actual state, we also take into account the heating and electricity profile as well as the hot water distribution.