Rent-To-Buy Switzerland

Rent-to-buy: Home ownership already from 10% equity

You have discovered your dream property, but you still lack the necessary equity? With the smart rent-to-buy model, you can fulfil your dream of owning your own home today.

Flexible purchase model

Cheaper than renting

Secure current purchase price

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Rent-to-buy – How it works


Rent-to-buy with less equity

You rent a residential property and acquire a purchase option for later. You only need 10% equity capital for this. The rent-to-buy provider takes care of the rest.


Move in immediately and pay low rent

You pay a low "rent" and at the same time set aside sufficient capital for the ordinary mortgage, which must be taken over at the end of the contract.


Purchase or return after the end of the contract

At the end of the contract, you decide whether you want to take over the property. If your needs have changed, you return the property to the provider.

These are your benefits

Less equity

You need less than 20% equity and do not have to worry about financing.

Flexible end of contract

You remain flexible and decide at the end of the contract whether to take over the property or not.

Secure dream property and purchase price

You secure your new home and the current purchase price today.

Save and make a profit

You pay a comparatively low rent and the increase in property value is also entirely yours after the takeover.

Rent-to-buy: rent today - buy tomorrow

Rent-to-buy is a leasing contract with an acquisition option. You rent a house or apartment now and acquire an option to buy later, usually in 5 to 10 years. For this, you only need about 10 instead of 20 % equity, pay a monthly rent and save money during the contract period to take over the property at the end of the contract and finance it with a mortgage. The purchase price for the purchase option is credited at 100 % when you take over the property.

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