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Free real estate appraisal by realtors on-site

You wish to have your property valued on-site by an expert? Our network includes regional, quality and certified real estate agents. With a few details about your property, we find suitable realtors in your area who will then contact you for a non-binding on-site property evaluation.

Non-binding request

Simply estimate property value online with Houzy

To estimate the value of a property, several factors such as location, structure and condition with different weighting must be taken into account. This can get quite complicated without expertise.

Our online property valuation only needs a few details to provide you with an initial, data-based market value estimate in no time. In addition to information such as year of construction or location, simply state your assessment of the condition and the standard - in just 3 steps you will receive your online result. All of this is free of charge and goes without requiring a telephone number a personal conversation.

We will then show you changes in property value on the Houzy platform every quarter. So you have full transparency about your property and never lose control.

Variation in value and appreciation always in sight

Surveying finances has never been so easy!
You will automatically receive an email every three months to find out how the value of your property has developed and whether you have a capital gain or loss. The change history of the market value is illustrated by a graphic in your Houzy account. You can also view the development of your equity in your profile. This is determined on the basis of your deposited purchase price, the mortgage and the current market value and clearly listed for you.

In addition, Houzy lets you easily overview your annual expenses. We calculate the operating and maintenance costs based on the new market value. Together with an estimate of the annual costs of insurance and taxes as well as the calculated provisions for renovations, we calculate your total costs per year.

Real estate valuation – How it works

Icon start real-estate appraisal

1.Property description

Enter the relevant key data for your house or apartment in just four short steps.

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2.Property value is analysed

The property is analysed based on the location and compared with thousands of similar properties in your region.

Icon result available online

4.Result available online

After the value analysis, you will receive online access to your free property valuation by email.

Online Real Estate valuation – a good starting point

Online  Real-estate appraisal on a Smartphone

Our digital property valuation is based on the hedonic method. This hedonic estimation is a comparative method in which a property is compared with thousands of traded objects. In this way, the price that comparable objects have achieved in recent months can be determined.

The data provided by you is sufficient to provide you with a first rough estimate of the property value and thus provide a good point of reference and a free alternative to costly valuations by professionals.

Expert models and free on-site analysis

Our market value analysis tool is developed in cooperation with Fahrländer Partner Raumentwicklung, the independent Swiss consulting and research company. FPRE is a specialist in data analysis and its core competence lies in the development of tailor-made analyses in the real estate sector.

The result is our unique and high-quality online real estate valuation, which gives you an initial, expert-based assessment of market value in just a few clicks.

After the online evaluation, you can also easily arrange a free on-site analysis with our realtor partners, such as Engel und Völkers or Walde und Partner.

Our users about Houzy­

Awesome what you get out of the data entered - congratulations and many thanks! I can’t wait for the new Houzy products!

Homeowner since 2005
Heinz Fischli

Houzy's property valuation gave me a good estimate of how much my house was worth. The whole thing was also super fast and straightforward.

Homeowner since 2013
Barbara Marti

A homeowner has many things to think about. Sometimes things get lost and can become very costly. Houzy elegantly reminds the necessary measures and thus makes a significant contribution to maintaining the value of the property.

Homeowner since 1990 and real estate marketer
Helmut Höhn

After the quick registering of my property, the price range was established directly within seconds. Banks need days for this and are sometimes several 100k off.

Home owner
Marco Wahler

FAQs – Answers about Houzy's property valuation

How accurate is the result of the Houzy property valuation?

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Houzy's market value analysis is produced in collaboration with Fahrländer Partner Raumentwicklung. FPRE is a specialist in data analysis and can thus produce a unique, comprehensive property valuation from thousands of data sources from comparable properties. The data you request is sufficient to provide you with an initial estimate and thus a point of reference. In order to accurately assess the value of a property, a complex valuation procedure and an expert on site are required. This is the only way an estate agent can take into account all the value-enhancing criteria and produce a qualified valuation. However, such extensive valuations also mean more effort and take more time and sometimes cost a lot of money.

Is my data secure?

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Data protection and security are our top priority. That's why we leave nothing to chance. To ensure the protection of your personal data and secure data transmission, we work with the latest security technologies. Your data is stored in encrypted form in a computer centre that is certified with all current industry standards. Data is therefore only passed on to third parties if you request service offers via Houzy that require this. An example of this is when you actively contact one of our broker partners. You can find further information in our T&Cs under "Our privacy policy".

When is a property valuation important?

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A property valuation is significant for both home buyers and home sellers. Many owners do not have a clear idea of the market value of their property before selling it. The self-assessed property value is often based on the market value at the time or the emotional value of the property. Accordingly, home buyers are often uncertain about the actual value of the property due to a lack of transparency. The market value of a property changes depending on the economic situation and is dependent on supply and demand. Therefore, comprehensive knowledge of the regional real estate market is indispensable for an accurate valuation of the property. As a seller, you can only achieve a realistic price on the property market if you know the actual, data-based value of your property. A price that is set too high will scare off potential buyers, while a sales price that is too low can lead to a large loss of assets. With a data-based property valuation, these mistakes can be avoided and the property can be sold quickly and satisfactorily. Accordingly, a data-based property valuation also helps home buyers to obtain the necessary certainty about the price of the desired property and to make informed decisions in the purchase process.

What are the advantages of using Houzy's online property valuation service?

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Houzy's digital property valuation analyses the value of your residential property with just a few details - completely free of charge and without obligation. The analysis is based on initial relevant criteria such as the plot and living space or the estimated condition of the house and thus serves as a first point of reference. The property valuation is carried out in 5 simple steps in under 5 minutes and provides you with an independent, neutral estimate of the property value. Ongoing added value is also provided by the automatically analysed changes in market value, which you can view quarterly in your MyHouzy account. Our qualified broker partners, such as Engel und Völkers, are also available to you free of charge for an on-site analysis after the property valuation, if required.

What information does Houzy need for the online property valuation?

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The value of a property is determined by key factors such as location, building fabric and condition. To ensure that the result of the value analysis is as accurate as possible, the Houzy property valuation requires the following information: Key data on the house: year of construction, type of house and roof, plot and living space, number of floors and rooms, residential address Assessment of the condition and standard of the property Afterwards, you will immediately receive online access to your digital property valuation on MyHouzy by email.

Why is the property valuation free of charge?

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Houzy is a young company and finances itself by intermediation of third-party services and through advertising partnerships with national and regional partners. However, you as a user always decide yourself when you want to share what and with whom and thus always retain data sovereignty. The use of our property valuation and our platform is therefore permanently free of charge for you. If required, our broker partners will be happy to advise you personally in a second step. This service also remains free of charge and non-binding.