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With just a few measures, you can bring your house or flat up to scratch and achieve a higher sales price. With our calculator you can simulate individual measures and check the influence on the sales price.

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Reasonable renovations before the sale of real estates

With these measures you increase the chances of a faster sale and higher sales price. In our network you will find the best craftsmen from your region for this work. With one click you can request and compare up to three offers.

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Optimise sales price: In 4 steps to simulation


Property description

Enter relevant data about your house or apartment in 4 simple steps.


Property value is analysed

The property is analysed based on the location and compared with thousands of similar properties in your region.


Result available online

After the value analysis, you will receive online access to your free Property Valuation by email.


Simulate measures

Select measures, simulate their influence on the sales price and compare the costs with the possible additional revenue.

Real estate valuation Value development

Reasonable sales promotion measures

You are automatically informed about the development of the value of your property and the resulting success.

Interior design (home staging)
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Increase the sales price with reasonable measures

With just a few details, you can simulate how the sale price will change if you spruce up your house or flat before the sale and present it professionally. In this way you can quickly and easily find out which measures are worthwhile and how you can achieve a higher sales price.

To do this, we estimate the costs of the measures, for example for the painter, gardener or photographer, and their impact on the selling price. All figures for the calculations and estimates are based on detailed analyses and discussions with experts from our network, including craftsmen and estate agents.

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Transparent advice from certified realtors from your region

Our regional and certified realtor partners are at your disposal for a non-binding real estate valuation as well as a neutral sales consultation.

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We are an independent, young Swiss company and are financed by partners and investors. We develop all our tools ourselves - the results are based on Open Data.


Data security

Data security is our top priority. Your data will never be passed on to third parties without your permission. You always decide for yourself when you want to share what information with whom.

Certified experts

We exclusively work with selected and certified regional Swiss real estate experts and craftsmen in order to meet your quality requirements.

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How to optimise the sales price

Choose measures, simulate the influence on the sales price and compare costs with the possible additional revenue.

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FAQs - Answers to the property valuation

What is Houzy?

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Houzy is a young Swiss PropTech company with one goal: Making homeownership simple. The platform integrates user-friendly online tools such as the property valuation, the renovation calculator or the property gains tax calculator, which help to optimally manage private property and save effort and costs in the process. The scope of Houzy is constantly being expanded. You can find out more under About us.

How are the costs of the measures calculated?

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We have determined the average costs of the sale price-increasing measures in discussions with professional craftsmen from our network. The result is an estimate so that you can compare the costs with the possible additional proceeds and decide whether the measures are worthwhile.

How are the sale price estimates calculated?

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We estimate the market value of real estate according to hedonic valuation. This means that we analyse the sale prices for comparable properties in the same region and estimate the market value of a house or flat on this basis. For the possible sales price after the sales price-increasing measures, we have spoken to real estate professionals from the Houzy network. Their experience and figures have been incorporated into our simulation and calculations.

When is a property valuation important?

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A property valuation is significant for both home buyers and home sellers. Many owners do not have a clear idea of the market value of their property before selling it. The self-assessed property value is often based on the market value at the time or the emotional value of the property. Accordingly, home buyers are often uncertain about the actual value of the property due to a lack of transparency. The market value of a property changes depending on the economic situation and is dependent on supply and demand. Therefore, comprehensive knowledge of the regional real estate market is indispensable for an accurate valuation of the property. As a seller, you can only achieve a realistic price on the property market if you know the actual, data-based value of your property. A price that is set too high will scare off potential buyers, while a sales price that is too low can lead to a large loss of assets. With a data-based property valuation, these mistakes can be avoided and the property can be sold quickly and satisfactorily. Accordingly, a data-based property valuation also helps home buyers to obtain the necessary certainty about the price of the desired property and to make informed decisions in the purchase process. You can also read our article "Hedonic Valuation: See How We Rate the Market Value of Properties" in the Houzy Magazine.

How does Houzy estimate the market value of real estates?

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We estimate market values using hedonic estimation. This is a statistical comparative value method and takes into account all transaction prices of comparable houses or flats in the region. The computer model divides a property into quality characteristics so that it can be compared with other properties and uses multiple regression analysis to calculate how strongly the quality characteristics influence the price of a property. Regression analysis is a statistical procedure with which a dependent variable, for example the market value of a property, is explained by one or more independent variables, for example the location and property-specific criteria of the property. The result of this statistical comparative value procedure is a well-founded market value estimate that is real and objective for standard properties such as single-family houses, condominiums or apartment buildings.

What happens to the data entered?

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Data protection and security are our top priority. That's why we leave nothing to chance. To ensure the protection of your personal data and secure data transmission, we work with the latest security technologies. Your data is stored in encrypted form in a computer centre that is certified with all current industry standards. Data is therefore only passed on to third parties if you request service offers via Houzy that require this. An example of this is when you actively contact one of our broker partners. You can find further information in our T&Cs under "Our privacy policy".

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