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Houzy Demand CheckHow popular is your property?

The demand check shows the number of potential buyers per sales price, provides information about your chances of selling and estimates how long it will take to sell your house or flat.

Free of charge and neutral

Real-time data

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Test demand for sales prices

Pure curiosity or concrete intention to sell: with the Houzy demand check you get an insight into the real estate market easily and quickly. 

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Test demand for sales prices

Houzy Demand Check - How it works


Describe property

Enter the relevant key data about your house or flat in 4 simple steps.


Property value is analysed

The property is analysed according to location and characteristics using thousands of comparative data from properties in your region.


Get result online

After the value analysis has been carried out, you will receive online access to your free property valuation by e-mail.


Test demand

Simulate demand with three sales prices and see at a glance how in demand your property is.

All-in-one: Real-time data and expert knowledge

All-in-one: Real-time data and expert knowledge

The Houzy Demand Check was developed in collaboration with Realmatch360. The tool shows the demand for real estate in Switzerland using real-time data based on search subscriptions from the leading Swiss real estate portals. Whereby the sales duration estimate is calculated based on detailed analysis and information from experts in our network. All this enables Houzy to give you reliable information about the saleability of your property.

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Selling price advice: How much is my property really worth?

Find out the current market value and how it can be increased. Our experts guide you through the sales process in an easy-to-understand manner and define the optimal sales price with you.

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This is what we stand for


We are an independent, young Swiss company and are financed by partners and investors. We develop all our tools ourselves - the results are based on Open Data.


Data security

Data security is our top priority. Your data will never be passed on to third parties without your permission. You always decide for yourself when you want to share what information with whom.

Certified experts

We exclusively work with selected and certified regional Swiss real estate experts and craftsmen in order to meet your quality requirements.

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How quickly can you sell your house or flat?

Check the demand with just a few clicks - free of charge and neutral.

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FAQs - Answers to the demand check

What information does Houzy need for the demand check?

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In order to determine demand, we need basic information such as address, year of construction and type of house, information on the standard of fittings and renovations. Based on this information, we determine the demand and simulate the demand behaviour for three prices.

Why is the demand check free of charge?

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Houzy is a start-up and finances itself by brokering third-party services and through advertising partnerships with national and regional partners. However, you as a user always decide for yourself when you want to share which data with whom, and thus always retain data sovereignty. The use of our demand check and the entire Houzy platform is permanently free of charge for you.

What to do if no demand is displayed?

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If the demand check shows no demand, it does not mean that there is no demand. We evaluate the real-time data of the largest real estate platforms, which cover 90 percent of the Swiss real estate market. If there is no demand or little demand, it may make sense to contact an estate agent. Read our article "Selling a house: sell it yourself or hire an estate agent".

What happens to my data?

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Data protection and data security are our top priority. That's why we leave nothing to chance. To ensure the protection of your personal data and secure data transmission, we work with state-of-the-art security technology. Your data is stored in encrypted form in a data center that is certified to all current industry standards. Data is only passed on to third parties if you request services via Houzy that require this. An example of this is actively contacting one of our broker partners. Further information can be found in our general terms and conditions under "Our privacy policy".

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