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FAQs – Answers on realtors

Brokerage commission: what is usual?

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The commission is a matter of negotiation. In Switzerland, 2 to 3% of the sales price for a single-family house or condo is usual - the higher the sales price, the lower the percentage. In addition to the commission, the brokerage contract should also specify costs such as the expenses for advertisements. Compare several offers before signing a contract.

What does a realtor do?

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They analyse the market, evaluate the property, define a sales price, compile all sales documents, prepare sales documentation, obtain a building energy certificate, market the property, search for prospective buyers in their database, coordinate viewings, show the house or apartment, negotiate with prospective buyers and check their creditworthiness, prepare the contract, take part in the notarial certification, hand over the keys and prepare the handover protocol.

How do I find a suitable realtor?

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Ask various realtors from the region who know the market for offers. Compare their offers and services. The realtor with the lowest commission and highest market value estimate is not necessarily the cheapest one. A lot of money is at stake, so you should be able to trust your realtor. In our partner network you will find certified realtors who we can recommend to you with a clear conscience.

What is a brokerage contract?

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Brokerage contracts may be concluded orally or in writing. In Switzerland, contracts for the provision of evidence (the realtor mediates interested parties) and conclusion contracts (the realtor sells the property) are common. The law does not prescribe much in terms of what must be regulated. In addition to the commission, important are also the type of contract, the regulation of costs and expenses, exclusivity and the costs incurred if the property is not sold.

Why should I hire a realtor?

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A regional realtor knows the market and potential buyers. Moreover, he is not emotionally attached to the house like you are. He doesn't mind unobjective criticism, but he negotiates professionally. If he sells the house for 1.25 instead of 1.2 million francs, your investment has paid off. In our network you will find realtors we can recommend to you with a clear conscience.

Can I sell my property myself?

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Yes, a realtor is not mandatory. If you have time and are not too emotionally attached to your home, you can sell the house or apartment yourself. In our selling guide «House Sale in 10 Steps with Houzy's Smart Tools» we will guide you safely through the entire sales process: from the property valuation to the payment (or postponement) of the real estate gains tax.

Can I hire several realtors at the same time?

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If exclusivity is stipulated in the contract, you may only work with this realtor. Without exclusivity, you could hire several realtors. But this has disadvantages. On the one hand, the agents compete for the same prospective buyers, on the other hand, the reputation of the property suffers because it is offered several times. It is better to commission just one dedicated realtor from our network than several.

Is it possible to negotiate the brokerage commission?

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Yes. However, there is little room for negotiation. For a house or apartment, most realtors charge 2 to 3% commission - the higher the sales price, the lower the percentage. Meanwhile, some online realtors offer their services at a lower or fixed price. Compare the offers and services. You may be able to save money if you take over individual tasks such as the viewings.

How long does a property sale take?

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That depends on supply and demand. That's why it usually takes less time than in the past. According to "Real Estate Market Switzerland 2022/3" by Wüest Partner the average insertion period for houses is 57 days and for apartments 64 days. With our demand check you can estimate how high the demand for your property is and approximately how long the sale could take.

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