The Houzy Team

Houzy team

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Behind Houzy are experienced minds with a common goal: make life easier for homeowners.

Account Manager

Alain brings over 20 years of experience in sales and 15 years in a construction company. Through his experience and in-depth industry knowledge, Alain enthusiastically convinces our partners of the Houzy ecosystem.
Alain Gremper

Customer advisor

Anja has experience in the interfacing role and ensures that users find their matching craftsmen and receive tailor-made services.
Anja Frieden

Product Manager

As a French-German, Solène works on the outreach & development of Houzy in French-speaking Switzerland.
Solène Wittich

Content Creator

As a copywriter, SEO copywriter and UX writer, Roger is responsible for ensuring that all the content - from emails to newsletters to the website - is easy to understand, educational and entertaining.
Roger Hausmann

UX / UI Lead

As a designer, Christina is passionate about understanding how people interact with systems and advocates for positive user experiences.
Christina Zehnder

Software Developer

As a passionate front-end developer, Dominik has been building simple and engaging user interfaces for years.
Dominik Schoch

CEO, Founder & BOD

As a successful founder of an international startup, Marco knows how to recognize the users' needs and how to make them happy in the long run with our solutions.
Marco Kobelt

CTO & Founder

As an experienced start-up CTO, Flo ensures that the ideas from product development are actually implemented.
Florian Rüegg

Product Development

Born in Switzerland, raised in Italy and fluent in English, Desirée gets Houzy ready to go for our users in Ticino and beyond.
Désirée Scanniello

Founder & BOD

Claude works tirelessly for the development of Houzy, himself an entrepreneur, he is the essential intermediary between Houzy and the craftsmen.
Claude Dütschler

Customer advisor

Having grown up in Zurich and with roots in Italy, Sabina knows how to appreciate different people and cultures. She is the hub between client and partner and finds a solution for every concern with her positive and emphatic manner.
Sabina Ferramosca

Software developer

Irena has many years of experience working in research as well as in industry environment. She is motivated to learn something new every day and to contribute to creative solutions.
Irena Erceg Baros

Account manager

Ivo has over 20 years of field service experience with private clients and SMEs. With his empathetic, humorous and committed manner, he is on the road for Houzy Vision every day.
Ivo Schildknecht

UX/UI Designer

Julia is a UX / UI designer with architectural and graphic design background. Her goal is to make our platform intuitive, user-friendly and beloved by people.
Julia Kuczyńska

Software Developer

Many years of experience combined with great flexibility give Dumitru the right tools to deliver quality software on a daily basis in a dynamic environment.
Dumitru Casap

Head of Sales

Markus is a passionate Marketeer and Sales Consultant with over 20 years of professional experience. He has many years of experience in e-commerce, digital marketing and B2B sales. Together with the Houzy team he inspires our partners for the fascinating Houzy story.
Markus Wilhelm

Development Lead

Michał has already worked with a variety of different technologies and programming languages. His experience allows him to ensure high quality in all outputs.
Michal Simka

Telesales Manager

Motivated and with great commitment, Christina supports our sales team in scheduling.
Christina Lerch

Marketing Lead

Our thoroughbred marketeer Nico has been working in marketing for several years and makes sure that our team is not the only one who knows Houzy.
Nicolas Steiner

Customer advisor

Petra is an actual expert when it comes to housing and real estate. She enthusiastically passes on her international experience in sales and customer service to Houzy customers.The service gene is in her blood.
Petra Geisser

Sales Manager & Coach

Rolf brings over 40 years of sales experience, including 12 years online and 5 years with Scout24 Group.
Rolf Borer

Head of CS & Admin

Sandra is our all-rounder who can do everything and tackles things with motivation. But the most important thing for her is always the satisfaction of our customers.
Sandra Kübler

Operations Specialist

Silvan actively supports us in setting up and optimizing our customer processes to increase our efficiency and ensure the satisfaction of our users and partners.
Silvan Frey

Customer advisor

Tatjana has gained a lot of experience in dealing with customers in various professions and has thus been able to acquire a broad knowledge. She has always been able to use her language skills skilfully.
Tatjana Reber

Account Manager

The customer is king. With this motto, his many years of experience and his forward-looking, charismatic manner, Paul can inspire Houzy's customers.
Paul Krust

CEO, Founder & BOD

Through his work as CEO of Immoscout24 and successful founder of proptech start-ups, Stefan knows the digital real estate market like no other in Switzerland.
Stefan Schärer

Marketing Lead

With her design management background and experience in the dynamic startup sector, Alina ensures the seamless interaction of product and marketing.
Alina Jahn

Account Manager

With his charismatic nature, his background in craftsmanship and with great conviction, Marco inspires our partners to join Houzy.
Marco Bertozzi

Software Developer

With his experience in complex software projects and the motivation to learn something new every day, Nicu knows a creative solution to every problem.
Nicolae Bacila

Graphic Designer

With his flair for fonts, colors and shapes, Dario ensures the impeccable appearance of our website and also creates all the other printed materials that a start-up needs.
Dario Schärer

Account Manager

With his in-depth experience in marketing / sales, Jonatán is passionate about the fascinating Houzy story.
Jonatán Caro

Account Manager

With over 20 years of professional experience in the service industry in various sectors, Noemi is able to adapt to demanding clients and present a customized offer.
Noemi Markovitis


Young and yet already very experienced in start-ups. Pascal works in product development and never loses the customer focus.
Pascal Stöckli

Operations Specialist

«As a passionate and experienced start-up entrepreneur, Valerie brings comprehensive expertise when it comes to designing processes, improving efficiency or enhancing customer satisfaction. As a mortgage specialist, she knows the concerns of homeowners.»
Valérie Jeanmaire


Our home ownership experts

Marco Tykve
Marco Tykve

Marco has been working in the trades for 22 years and started his own business 6 years ago. In the process, he has carried out everything from individual consultation to planning and implementation in countless projects.

Max Ziegler
Max Ziegler
Energy consultant & building analyst

Max has been working in the field of energy efficiency since 2008 and is one of the most experienced experts in Switzerland. The GEAK expert and PEIK energy consultant has been an official energy consultant for the cantons of Nidwalden, Obwalden and Uri since 2009.

Daniel Minder
Daniel Minder
Owner of Atelier M Architekten (GmbH)

Daniel learned the craft of architecture at the ETH in Zurich. He has over 20 years of practical experience and founded his own architecture studio in 2005, which he has successfully managed ever since. He also advises companies in the construction sector.

Rolf Truninger
Rolf Truninger
Partner and managing director of QualiCasa AG

Experience, knowledge and visionary thinking enable Rolf to successfully found and manage QualiCasa AG. The company produces comprehensive analyses for institutional real estate investors, among others.

Advisory Board

Our active supporters

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Béatrice Schaeppi
CEO Schaeppi Grundstücke Verwaltungen KG

"I support Houzy because I'm convinced that Houzy provides owners with easy and fast access to information and assistance about their property for which they don't have time these days."

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Werner Eglin
Entrepreneur real estate/hotel industry

"In my experience, many property owners have little understanding of property management. Houzy solves that!"

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Daniel Hünebeck
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Lecturer FHNW

"I support Houzy because the dynamic team inspires me and it allows me to be a part of the experience."

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Gerhard Walde
Founder, Partner and Chairman of Walde & Partner Immobilien

"I support Houzy because it's a startup with motivated 'doers' at work."

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Dr. Stefan Jaecklin
former Partner Oliver Wyman AG, Fintech Investor

"I support Houzy because its unique service takes the pressure off the homeowners, allowing them to move on to other things without worry."

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Silvan Oberholzer
BoD of various real estate companies, investor

"I support Houzy because this innovative platform is the first to offer valuable information and comprehensive services to homeowners from a single source."

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Thomas Langenegger
former Head of Marketing Swiss Life Switzerland

"I support Houzy because its innovative and digital approach makes being a homeowner noticeably easier."

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Dr. Teddy Amberg
Spicehaus Partners Ltd.

"Houzy fascinates me because they combine all the possibilities of digitalization. Homeowners gain transparency, plan more efficiently and save money."

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Rolf Truninger
CEO und Partner QualiCasa AG

"With Houzy, homeowners get a professional tool that gives them a digital, structured overview of their own property(ies) - for themselves and for the requirements of the lawgiver."

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Roger Krieg
CEO at datamind advisory Ltd. & BoD at Office LAB

"Finally, there is a professional system for homeowners and it's easy to use."

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Dr. Markus Schmidiger
Head of Competence Center Real Estate, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

"I support Houzy because in everyday life, online and offline are increasingly converging. Houzy is building that bridge for homeowners."

Profilbild Beirat und VR
Alexander Vogel
Partner and Head Corporate & Finance Department at Meyerlustenberger Lachenal AG in Zurich/Zug

"I support Houzy because I am convinced of its innovative, digital approach and concept. The services offered provide effective relief to homeowners online and offline."