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We make home ownership easy

Create your digital Houzy and check renovation needs, property value, costs and much more. Free and non-binding

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Results Renovation Calculator Houzy

Plan renovations and calculate costs

Learn the timing and cost of future renovations with the Houzy renovation calculator and calculate deposits for your condominium's renovation funds.

Property Valuation Houzy

Value property

Our valuation tool estimates the market value with just a few details and shows changes in value on a quarterly basis.

Results Renovation Calculator Houzy

Compare Mortgages

Simply compare interest rates and terms and combine the best offers from different providers

Optimize energy efficiency

Optimize energy efficiency

Our Heating Calculator compares different heating systems, our Solar Calculator analyzes the solar potential of your roof and with our energy calculator you can simulate the effects of energy measures on your energy profile.

Optimize energy efficiency

Check solar potential

Our Solar calculator calculates the costs, suitability and energy production of solar systems with just a few clicks - tailored to your house.

Plant Guide Houzy

Treat your plants

Identify unknown plants with a photo and immediately receive valuable care tips.

Craftsmen Mobile Houzy

Find regional craftsmen

Get up to three no-binding quotes from our vetted craftsmen in your region in just a few clicks.

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This is what we stand for



We work with partners and investors, but are independent and provide neutral advice. Our users know that we are honest and transparent so that everyone can always decide independently.



Data security is our top priority. Your data is used to generate smart results, but never passed on to third parties without your consent. As a user you always decide when to share it.

User Focused

User focussed

We understand that home ownership is an emotional journey with different stages. The needs change depending on life and real estate  phases. For this reason, we cover the comprehensive needs in one place.

High Quality

High quality

We work exclusively with selected Swiss real estate and craftsmen partners to guarantee a high quality experience with Houzy.

How it works


Property description

Process your house or your apartment directly, via our starting page, through our renovation calculator or any other Houzy tool.


Get analyses

In your personal Houzy account you will find the result of the analysis.


Discover Houzy cockpit

In addition to many useful tools, the Houzy cockpit also has an exquisite network of experts, such as craftsmen and realtors, waiting for you.


Property under control!

Houzy, the digital platform for real estate property, makes homeowners' life easy.

The first open platform for homeowners

The first open platform for residential owners

Houzy develops the leading platform for home owners in Switzerland with strong partners, a lot of expert knowledge and a fast-growing community. The open ecosystem integrates user-friendly online tools such as real estate valuation, the renovation funds calculator or the plant manager and brings together homeowners and craftsmen with a click. Houzy is constantly enriched with new offers, partners and tools.

Our users about Houzy

You are in good company!


Digital doppelganger

So many «digital Houzy’s» have already been processed via Houzy.


Houzy Partners

More than 700 partners such as craftsmen, realtors and real estate experts already belong to the qualified Houzy network.


Nerves saved

So many nerves have been saved thanks to Houzy!

Our smart checklists for you

Planning to buy a home? Get our expert-based checklists

Our checklists guide you through the most important steps on your journey with helpful advice and tips.

Checklist house viewing
Making sure you don't forget anything during your next visit

Checklist for buying a home
What you should pay attention to when buying a house

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We are here to answer your questions

Why do I have to register?

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Registration on Houzy is a prerequisite for using our products on the platform. By registering, you open a Houzy account free of charge and without obligation. There you can view the results of the analyses, get a digital overview of your house or condominium and use other useful features free of charge. To register, all you need to do is enter your email address.

Is my data secure?

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Data protection and security are our top priority. That's why we leave nothing to chance. To ensure the protection of your personal data and secure data transmission, we work with the latest security technologies. Your data is stored in encrypted form in a computer centre that is certified with all current industry standards. Data is therefore only passed on to third parties if you request service offers via Houzy that require this. An example of this is when you actively contact one of our broker partners. You can find further information in our T&Cs under "Our privacy policy".

What is Houzy?

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Houzy is a young Swiss company that has the goal of simplifying the lives of homeowners through innovative tools and bundled expert knowledge. The Houzy platform integrates user-friendly online tools such as the property valuation, the renovation calculator or the plant guide, which help to optimally manage residential property and save effort and costs in the process. The scope of Houzy is constantly being expanded. You can find out more under About us.

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