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Houzy Plant GuideIdentify your plants and get immediate tips to improve growth and care.

With our free Plant Guide, you can easily and quickly identify unknown plants and get access to a huge database of over 40,000 plants and seasonal care tips. Register now and get started.

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Identify a plant with a snapshot – Online and free

With the Houzy's Plant Guide you can easily identify plants - just take a photo and validate the result. Be it invasive neophytes, house plants or garden plants, all plant species can be identified by photo. Via image recognition, our algorithm recognizes the plant and provides you directly with tips for plant care according to the season. You will find all identified plants and care advices in your personal overview on Houzy Cockpit.

Neophyte Checker on Mobile

Houzy Plant Guide – How it works


Add the plant

A snapshot of your plant is all it takes. Our system directly recognizes your plant among the 40.000 plants of its database.


Recognize the plant

Our system recognizes your plant directly, sorts it into the appropriate genus and displays the information clearly in your personal profile.


Get gardening hacks

You will receive important tips about your plant - be it care tips for indoor or garden plants, water requirements or even frost hardiness.

Tips and tricks for your plants

Online plant care  – The right care tips at the right time

Make your plants happy with Houzy Plant Guide. As soon as you have identified and saved your indoor and garden plants, you can easily manage them in your MyHouzy profile. You will receive individual tips for each plants and you can always keep an eye on what to do and when to do it. A wealth of gardening knowledge is easily available for you under "My plants". Discover how often you should water, fertilize or prune your plants and also at which time of the year you should do this. This makes plant care very easy.

Identify and control invasive plants – with the unique Neophyte Checker

Alien plants, so-called neophytes, are spreading more and more in Switzerland. These can be invasive, displace the native flora and even cause health problems. Therefore the spread of these invasive neophytes should be hindered. However, identifying invasive neophytes and knowing how to tackle them individually is often difficult. The Houzy Neophyte Checker helps to identify invasive plants and provides guidance on how to control them. You only have to take a picture of your plant, if it is an invasive neophyte our system will recognise it and you will get information on how to fight it.

Neophyte Checker on Mobile
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FAQs – Answers on Houzy

What is Houzy?

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Houzy is a young Swiss PropTech company with one goal: Making homeownership simple. The platform integrates user-friendly online tools such as the property valuation, the renovation calculator or the property gains tax calculator, which help to optimally manage private property and save effort and costs in the process. The scope of Houzy is constantly being expanded. You can find out more under About us.

How can I recognise and identify plants online?

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The way to plant identification is easy with Houzy plant guide. You can simply take a photo of a plant directly with your mobile phone or upload an existing image. Based on the photo, our algorithm searches for the corresponding plant and recognises it with a high probability.

How can Houzy recognise plants by photo?

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The plant recognition algorithm of the Plant guide analyses the shape of the plant or individual components such as the plant flower or a plant leaf. The photo of the plant for recognition is then matched with a huge database of over 40,000 plants and even more plant images. If the photographed plant is in the database, it is identified and you can add it to your personal plant overview.

How should the plant ideally be photographed for identification?

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For the plant recognition algorithm of the plant guide to work best, distinctive plant elements should be photographed. For example, you can take a photo of a leaf or flower of the plant so that the plant is recognised. It helps if the section that is photographed for plant recognition is against a calm background and clear outlines are recognisable.

What plant care information do I get online in my overview?

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Once the plant has been identified, you can add it to your personal plant overview. There you will find general information about the plant, the family and the genus. In addition, you will receive tips on plant care during the year. For example, if you run a herb garden, you will receive information on when to sow and harvest. In the overview of plant care you will find out the plant's water requirements, how much sun the plant needs and what soil the plant needs. For plants that are sensitive to cold and not frost-hardy, for example Mediterranean plants, you will receive tips on the ideal wintering temperature.

Can I also recognise plants via app with the Plant Guide?

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The Houzy Plant Guide is a web-based app. This means that the Houzy Plant Guide can recognise plants and give you care tips about plants - just like any other app. However, you cannot currently download the plant manager from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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