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Condominium – The first digital contribution calculator

The optimal contribution amount in your community renovation fund can be calculated very easily and quickly with the Houzy contribution calculator for condominium property.

The online calculator rely on the results of the "HouzyCheck" digital state analysis. This examines the need for renovation of private and common owned components and calculates the resulting renovation costs.

Based on this previous analysis of common renovations timing and costs, Houzy forecasts the proportion of the renovation fund that can cover the associated costs. You can then use the contribution calculator to calculate the optimal amount of your contribution to the renovation fund.

To calculate the required contribution margin, you only need three details of the current renovation fund. In most cases, you can specify these separately from the administration or the co-owners and thus start directly with the examination of the fund.

Houzy Contribution Calculator – How it works

Icon condition analysis


1.Condition analysis

With few information about the object, the service life of the private and common components is analysed and the renovation timing calculated.

Icon compute renovation costs


2.Calculate renovation costs

The key data on the property are compared with thousands of comparative data and thus estimated the approximate costs.

Icon test coverage of the fund


3.Testing current coverage

Based on the stock of the renovation fund and your annual payment, the proportion of the renovation costs that will be covered in the coming years is calculated.

Icon discover optimal contribution


4.Discover optimal contribution

Houzy proposes the optimal fund amount and directly suggests the necessary individual contribution.

Calculate Renovation Fund contribution online - Your benefits

Icon clarity on costs

Clarity on costs

You will know clearly which renovation costs are related to your own apartment and which ones fall on the community. The renovation costs and dates are listed in a clear manner. This will prevent debates and uncertainties about future renovations.

Icon avoid financial bottlenecks

Preventing financial bottlenecks

The overview of the costs incurred and the calculation of necessary deposits in the renovation fund prevents unexpected financial bottlenecks. So you can easily optimize the budget planning of your owner community and prevent a loss of value of your property.

Icon Data-based second opinion

Data-based second opinion on contribution amount

There are many good reasons for paying more or less money into the renovation fund. If different owners and the administration have different opinions, a neutral assessment may be helpful. Sound analyses bring light to the dark and help to find a common denominator.

Icon free fact-finding

Easy, fast and free facts provided

Based on the calculated recovery costs and deposits, you have a sound basis for discussion for your next owner meeting. The calculation is also super fast and free of charge - even for your condominium owners community. You can easily share the report.

Expert knowledge made accessible for you

Houzy’s contribution calculator is the first online solution for condominium owners of this type and was created using a unique algorithm. The calculation for the optimal deposit is based on the online condition analysis HouzyCheck. This has been developed in cooperation with QualiCasa AG, the Swiss expert in building analyses since 2001.

Their life cycle model is based on empirical data which has been tested by the University of St Gallen (HSG)  . Large real estate investors thus manage the maintenance of thousands of Swiss properties.

We make complex expert knowledge easily accessible to you in innovative and unique analysis models.

Our users about Houzy

Beinahe hätte ich meine Küche erneuert, ohne dabei die Leitungen zu sanieren, was mich in zwei Jahren tausende Franken gekostet hätte. HouzyCheck bewahrte mich zum Glück davor!

Hausbesitzer seit 2003
Thomas Meyer

Herzlichen DANK für den tollen Hauscheck! Die Grafik ist sehr übersichtlich und damit ich weiss, wie es um mein Haus steht, werde ich den Check ab jetzt sicher einmal im Jahr machen.

Hausbesitzerin seit 2017
Simone Bühlmann

Super, was Sie aus den eingegebenen Daten herausholen – grosses Kompliment und vielen Dank! Mit Spannung erwarte ich die neuen Produkte von Houzy!

Hausbesitzer seit 2005
Heinz Fischli

FAQs – Answers on Renovation Fund

How accurate is the result of the online renovation calculator?

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The result of the renovation calculator is based on an analysis model by QualiCasa AG - the Swiss expert in building analyses for over 15 years. By definition, a model does not reflect reality exactly. It is intended to provide a point of reference for taking a closer look where necessary. In order to make an exact analysis of the building components and the corresponding renovation needs, you still need a specialist on site. You can also find a broad regional network of experts on Houzy.

What data is the renovation calculator based on?

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This is made possible by the cooperation with the company QualiCasa AG. This company prepares comprehensive analyses for institutional real estate investors and forecasts, among other things, the renovation dates and costs of the various building components. A life cycle model is used which is based on empirical data and has been certified by the University of St. Gallen (HSG). Large real estate investors use it to manage the maintenance of thousands of Swiss properties.

What are the advantages of the online renovation calculator?

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Whether you own a single-family house or a condominium, the digital renovation calculator "HouzyCheck" analyses the condition of your house or flat free of charge and calculates the renovation dates and the renovation costs incurred. The check is completed in just a few minutes and provides you with an independent assessment of the need for renovation. With the help of the renovation calculator, homeowners and condominium owners can approach renovations logically, act proactively instead of reactively and save costs in the process. Thanks to the rough estimate of renovation costs and dates, you can optimise your budget planning and prevent financial bottlenecks.The result of the renovation calculator is available to you in your personal house or flat profile as an interactive life cycle table. Further information on the various building components, useful tips and experts are available to you from a single source. You can also contact suitable craftsmen from the region with just a few clicks and without obligation.The HouzyCheck allows you to digitally record your residential property with the most important data and helps you never lose track of any renovations and maintenance work that needs to be done and the upcoming costs - simply, quickly and free of charge.

What information does Houzy need for the renovation calculator?

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Important for the evaluation of the renovation calculator are the basic details such as address, year of construction and house type. Information on the materials of the various components (e.g. the roof or the façade) as well as renovations already carried out make the renovation calculator much more accurate. In the "Pro version", additional information on the standard of construction and condition can be entered. Rooms and building components can also be entered several times and more specifically, which leads to an even more precise result. In short: the more information you can provide, the better.

Why is the renovation calculator free of charge?

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Houzy is a young company and finances itself by brokering third-party services as well as through advertising partnerships with national and regional partners (however, you as a user always decide yourself when you want to share what and with whom and thus always retain data sovereignty). The use of our online renovation calculator and our platform is therefore permanently free of charge for you. If required, our experts will be happy to advise you personally in a second step. Suitable, regional craftsmen can also be contacted through us without obligation. If an order is placed, payment is handled directly with the craftsman.

What should be considered when buying an apartment?

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Before buying an owner-occupied apartment, you should definitely take a look at the condominium regulations, because with the purchase you accept the regulations of this community. The resolutions and minutes of recent owners' meetings also provide important information about decisions, such as upcoming renovations. In addition, it should be clarified in advance what the status of the renewal fund is and the annual contributions of the condominium owners. Buying a condominium also means that you have to help finance all upcoming renovations. So if the roof is renovated a year after the purchase and there are no funds in the renovation fund, the new owner will be faced with major expenses. With the Houzy renovation and renewal fund calculator, such expenses and risks can be identified even before the purchase.