About Houzy

The first open platform for homeowners

Houzy develops the leading platform for homeowners in Switzerland with strong partners, expert knowledge and a fast growing community. The open ecosystem integrates user-friendly online tools such as the property valuation, the renewal fund calculator and the plant manager and brings homeowners and craftsmen together with one click. Houzy is continuously expanding with new features, partners and tools.


This is why we go full throttle

Home ownership is an emotional topic that is becoming increasingly complex: finding the right house or apartment, fixing the price, financing the purchase, keeping the home in good shape and one day selling it or passing it on to the next generation. New providers, innovative technologies and ever more information are making it even more difficult to keep track. But home ownership doesn't have to be complicated.

We solve the uncertainty and increasing complexity around home ownership.

How Houzy makes home ownership easy

We intelligently link data and information and use them to derive individual recommendations for homeowners. For example, we tell you how much money to set aside when the heating system needs to be renovated. In this way, we resolve uncertainties and reduce complexity.


This makes us one of a kind


We work with partners, but are independent and provide neutral advice. Our users know that we inform them honestly, trustworthily and transparently. So everyone on Houzy is always free to decide for themselves.


We not only link data and information intelligently, but also connect experts and community members with just one click. That's how we make smart use of synergies. In the houzy community, everyone helps everyone, whether homeowner, craftsman or architect.


Life as a homeowner is an emotional journey in several stages. Needs change according to life phases and real estate cycles. We centralize all these needs in one place.

Houzy - best employer in Zurich 2023

kununu has crowned Houzy as the best employer in the SME category in the city of Zurich. We are very happy that our Houzy culture is still lived by all Houzies after more than five years. Each of our team members is indispensable and brings something unique to the community - and this diversity is what distinguishes us.

This is what we stand for

think big

Think Big

We are brave and think big. Even though we are still a small startup. This gives us a lot of thrust, motivates us and drives our passion further.



Everyone stands behind our mission and is 100 percent committed to it. This team spirit drives us all and strengthens the Houzy team.

walk the talk

Walk The Talk

We do what we say and say what we do. We achieve our goals because we are honest, credible and transparent, both internally and externally.



The common good is more important than the individual good, internally and externally. That's why we put the community - homeowners, tradespeople and real estate professionals - first.

user centered


Everything we do, we do for our users. Always. Before we develop something, we ask ourselves whether users really need it - and how we can solve it in a more user-friendly way.

Our Journey


New craftsmen branches / Own realtors offer / Customer portal for craftsmen / Order portal for homeowners / Intensification of partnership with UBS and Baloise

In 2023, we selectively strengthened our partner network and, in the first half of the year, launched additional craftsmen pages for balconies, insulation, saunas, swimming pools, total renovation, and stairs and railings. In the meantime, homeowners can ask more than 800 craftsmen for an offer with just a few clicks.

1st quarter

In the first quarter, we developed our realtor service with Brixel, a startup of the Baloise Group, and launched it online. From now on, homeowners can sell their house or apartment themselves. Of course supported by our experienced real estate consultants, if desired.

1st half year

In the first half of the year, we strengthened the cooperation with our strategic partners UBS and Baloise. Among other things, with joint marketing campaigns. 

4th quarter

In 2023, we worked intensively on HouzyConnect. This customer portal for craftsmen simplifies communication between craftsmen and homeowners from the initial offer request to project completion. In parallel, we developed a portal for homeowners to make it easier for them to manage their orders.


Navigation / Consulting / Property Search / Construction Coach / Real Estate Gains Tax / Partner Network / Strategic Partners


Our strategic partners Baloise and UBS intensify their partnership with us and increase their financial participation. Together, we will strengthen and expand our position as the leading platform for homeowners in Switzerland.

August to December

We have expanded our partner network. You can obtain craftsmen's offers with just a few clicks. For example, for a carport, facade renovation or insulation, the replacement or repair of household appliances or masonry work.


Avoid costly overinsurance or dangerous underinsurance. With the insurance check, you can find out which insurances are mandatory, recommendable, worth checking or not necessary for your house or apartment.


More and more users are accessing Houzy on their smartphones. That's why we have completely redesigned and optimized the mobile navigation for our platform. At the same time, we launched the first real estate gains tax calculator for all 26 cantons and the most comprehensive property search in Switzerland for everyone (even without a Houzy profile). It searches through 90 percent of all sales advertisements and enriches the search results with valuable additional information: Market value estimate, energy efficiency, energy saving potential, renovation needs and solar potential.


Buying or selling a house or apartment involves a lot of work. That's why we have divided the buying process and the selling process into individual steps and explain in an easy-to-understand way what you should pay attention to at each step. 


Demand determines the market price. With our new demand check, you can check online how great the demand is for your house or apartment. If you want to renovate, refurbish or convert your home, our construction coach, an experienced construction expert, will support you. He will advise you, plan the renovation, coordinate all the work and manage the project for you.


With a few measures you can bring your house or apartment in shape and achieve a higher selling price. With our calculator you can simulate measures and optimize the selling price. In addition, you can add new criteria such as energy efficiency class or condition analysis for the property search on the platform.


With our new navigation, we map the homeowner journey " buying - living - selling". So you can find what you're looking for faster on the website and in the platform. And with the affordability calculator, you can find out whether you can finance your dream house or apartment. In addition, we now offer free consultations with our experts on topics such as the rent-to-buy model, selling price advice, assets and insurance or on-site valuation.


Mortgage comparison / User growth / Solar Calculator / Plant Guide / Home device Guide


Mortgage Comparison. We have fully integrated the Mortgage Comparison feature that we introduced earlier this year. Users can now easily and quickly compare mortgage models, terms and interest rates from different providers without having to leave houzy.ch.

Garden Calendar. The Garden Calendar is the latest addition to our "Plants" chapter. For each added plant users will find seasonal tips and maintenance advice in the form of a calendar. You can see at a glance what to do and when.


50'000 Users. Since the beginning of 2020, the number of users has grown from 5000 to 50,000. Houzy is celebrating this milestone with a contest for all homeowners. A prize of 5000 Swiss francs worth of craftsmen's workforce is offered for a construction project.

Living trends. In the new "Living trends" section of their Houzy profile, homeowners can now find innovative solutions from our network of partners.

Website Redesign. In the second quarter of the year, we have completely revised our website and updated it at the beginning of June. The design is clearer, the structure more concise, the images more modern. This makes it easier and faster for users to find the information they are looking for.


Solar Calculator. We improved our Solar Calculator. The results are even more accurate and meaningful. You can now select roof areas, calculate costs, potential and energy production and simulate self-consumption.


Plant Guide. We updated our Plant Guide, simplified the design and expanded the database. All information and maintenance tips are visible in the profile at a glance. In addition, the data is intelligently linked to provide recommendations.

Devices Guide. With the new Home device Guide, users can add their household appliances. They can track all warranty periods, have all manuals in one place and request a free repair estimate with just a few clicks.


Mortgage Comparison. At the beginning of the year, we integrated the offers of the online mortgage platform key4 by UBS. With key4, users can compare mortgage models, conditions and interest rates from different providers online and receive three tailor-made offers for new mortgages or extensions within five minutes.


Extension for STWE / Plant manager / Partnership with key4 by UBS / Solar calculator and more


Solar calculator. The innovative solar calculator expands the energy section on Houzy. It takes just a few clicks to calculate the solar potential of a roof and the profitability of a solar system. With the integrated self-consumption simulation, various scenarios can be run through.

Expansion into Ticino.


Property comparison for home and apartment buyers. Different properties and their renovation needs, market value and other parameters can now be easily compared on Houzy.


Find your Craftsmen. Craftsmen mediation for the kitchen, bathroom, heating, electrical and garden industries with digital offer request on Houzy.


Expansion into Romandie

Partnership with Baloise. La Baloise completes our first round of financing in which we raised several million francs. Cements our growth and completes our valuable network of partners.


Partnership with key4 by UBS. As of July 17, it's official: Houzy and key4 by UBS are partners. Together we are further expanding our ecosystem for homeowners.

The Houzy Community complements the MyHouzy platform with a forum where users can easily exchange ideas, knowledge on the topic of home ownership.


Neophyte Checker. Our plant manager also detects invasive neophytes. In May, we further expanded our neophyte detection and launched our Neophyte Checker. Once identified by photo, it provides information on how to control them properly.


Plant manager for the recognition of plants. At the end of April, we launched our innovative plant manager. The system immediately recognizes over 60,000 plant species by photo or text input and provides helpful care tips. Reminders can be added to your own calendar with just 2 clicks.


Heating calculator for energy efficiency. March marked our first step in the field of energy efficiency. With our smart heating calculator, you can easily analyze your own energy needs and find out which heating system suits your home best.


Expansion for condominiums. We expanded the digital state analysis HouzyCheck for condominium owners and launched it at the end of February. The property valuation can now also calculate the value for a condominium.

First contribution calculator for renewal funds. The unique contribution calculator for condominiums was also launched at the beginning of the year. It analyzes the coverage ratio of the current renewal fund and calculates the ideal amount of the annual contribution to the renewal fund.


MyHouzy 2.0 platform launch

MyHouzy 2.0 platform launch incl. new webpage: incl. new webpage: The MyHouzy 2.0 platform is live since the end of October!  Users can now find their own house cockpit on the platform, where all relevant topics concerning home ownership are clearly displayed. In addition to the redesign of the platform, the tools have also been renewed. The HouzyCheck is now available in a more detailed form as a "Pro" version. Information about the equipment can be selected more specifically and rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom can be given multiple entries - resulting in a more accurate condition analysis. The smart ToDos have also received a makeover. In addition to a fresh look, recommendations are displayed according to the new season and in an even more individualized way. Finances can now be monitored more easily and changes in market value can be tracked on a quarterly basis.

Integration craftsmen partners: At the beginning of 2019, the Houzy certified partners have been integrated on the MyHouzy platform. Regionally selected craftsmen with a fair value for money can now be contacted with just a few clicks via our platform.


Launch of the interactive HouzyCheck and other tools

Launch of the interactive HouzyCheck and other tools: The launch of the online house state analysis in October 2018 was just the start: building on the house state analysis, this was followed by, among other things, a smart To-do list tailored to the house with automatic reminders, smart recording of household appliances and documents, and our efficient property valuation HouzyValue.


The digital renovation calculator HouzyCheck

The idea for the digital renovation calculator HouzyCheck was the starting signal for the implementation of our vision in 2017. After a successful test phase of our prototype at the end of the year, we launched HouzyCheck in a 100% interactive form and with a direct interface to QualiCasa in fall 2018.

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