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Replace or repair appliance - which solution is right for you?

Various factors play an important role in the "repair or replace?" decision. Among other things, the age of the broken appliance, the comparison of the energy efficiency classes with a new appliance, the repair costs, the purchase price and the influence of the gray energy on the life cycle assessment. Before you decide, you should therefore answer the question of age, repair costs and the cost of a replacement for yourself. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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Repairing appliances - when does it make sense?

As long as the appliances meet current energy efficiency and economy requirements, it may be worthwhile to repair them. Washing machines, for example, are an exception: until a few years ago, they consumed a lot of electricity and water, and today they wash in a much more energy-efficient and resource-saving way. However, if you replace every appliance every time it breaks down, you are putting a much greater burden on the environment than if you have the appliances repaired.

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Replacing appliances - when does it make sense?

If the repair is no longer worth it and you need to replace an appliance, be sure to check the energy class. The (new) scale ranges from A (very efficient) to B, C, D, E and F to G (wasteful). It makes sense to choose a household appliance in energy efficiency class A or B. With an energy-efficient appliance, you use less electricity, protect the environment and save a lot of money on the bottom line. That's why you should replace older household appliances with poor energy efficiency sooner rather than later.

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Cost of repair service of your home appliances

For each category of appliance, there is a cost limit up to which repair is worthwhile, depending on its age. This limit is defined as a percentage of the new price for a replacement appliance. The basis for the calculation is the average net price of energy-efficient new appliances with an industry-standard discount of 30 percent on the list price. You can read more about this in our article Repair or Replace Household Appliances?

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Is your refrigerator defective or your washing machine on strike? Our experienced partners will find the most sensible solution for you - whether replacement or repair.

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