Green Friday: Houzy Plants Trees for the Climate

November 25, 2022
  1. Conserve scarce resources and protect the environment
  2. The reason why we will plant a tree for every new user
  3. The reason why we will plant the Houzy trees in Transylvania
  4. Check your sustainability potential and fight climate change

Many stores, stores and online stores are tempting customers with deep discounts on Black Friday and will make more sales on November 25, 2022 than on any other day of the year. What are we doing? We're declaring Black Friday Green Friday and planting a tree in Romania for every new user who checks their sustainability potential with our energy, heating or solar calculator. Of course, this won't cost the new users a centime, because Houzy is and will remain free of charge.

Conserve scarce resources and protect the environment

Houzy is the leading platform for home ownership in Switzerland. Our open ecosystem integrates user-friendly online tools and brings homeowners and tradesmen together with a click. We place great emphasis on energy renovation measures and renewable energies that conserve scarce resources such as crude oil or natural gas and sustainably protect our environment:

  • The Energy Calculator checks the current energy efficiency class of a house and simulates the impact of energy renovations. The calculator analyzes the savings potential, calculates the investment costs, takes into account all subsidies and shows with trees how much the measures relieve the environment.
  • The Heating Calculator compares the costs, service life and CO2 emissions of heating systems with heat pumps or other heating systems. The calculator analyzes the energy consumption and suggests alternatives or renovation measures.
  • The Solar Calculator analyzes whether the roof of a house is suitable for a photovoltaic system. The calculator takes into account the location, energy consumption and subsidies and calculates the investment costs and solar potential.

The reason why we will plant a tree for every new user

Trees clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink and bind CO2. In this way, they make an important contribution to the fight against climate change and are important for the ecosystem. Nevertheless, we are cutting down forests for agriculture or the timber industry and upsetting the ecosystem. That's why we're planting one tree each for all new users who sign up for Houzy via the energy, heating or solar calculator from November 25 to December 2, 2022. We have chosen One Tree Planted as our partner, a renowned non-profit organization that has planted more than 40 million trees in nearly 50 countries since 2014.

The reason why we will plant the Houzy trees in Transylvania

OTP plants trees worldwide. We support the project in Romania because our software developers Claudiu and Nicu live there. The situation in Romania is dramatic: Large parts of the lowlands lie fallow due to climate change and changes in agricultural practices. OTP reforests, mainly with sycamore maple, beech, ash or spruce, to save the ecosystem, prevent soil erosion and encourage the return of wildlife. The aim is to save the climate and the landscape around Sighișoara, a small town in Transylvania that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Energy calculator: Try it out now and plant a tree

Easily check the savings potential and the investment costs of an energetic refurbishment.
Check energy efficiency now

Check your sustainability potential and fight climate change

Every tree counts. This is how you can support our tree project in Romania:

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