New free Web-App for plant identification with over 60,000 reference data and recognition of invasive plants

June 11, 2020

Houzy, the young Proptech Startup from Zurich, makes life easier for homeowners with its digital solutions. Just in time for the reopening of the gardens, Houzy's greenery manager helps with plant care - for free and with just a few clicks.

The federally ordered closure of garden centres and flower shops has forced many plants to end up in compost heaps - at the same time, the demand for plants has increased. Awareness of the value of plants around one's home also seems to have increased considerably, promoting the trend of having a house full of greenery and practising so-called urban gardening. Last Monday, a crowd swept through the garden centres. Geraniums, petunias and other beautiful plants dominated the purchases: but as these do not immediately return to the compost heap, the plants must be cared for properly. The green thumb is not everyone's virtue - but that does not mean that one should deprive oneself of the pleasure of greenery. Houzy provides support with its free tool.

Free plant care tool supported by a huge database on the subject

Houzy has become passionate about the subject of garden and plant care and, as of Tuesday, decided to support plant enthusiasts as well as the inexperienced with his free plant management tool. With the help of visual identification software and the input of a short text string, the house or garden plant in question can be easily identified. Unique is the database containing more than 60,000 reference data, which immediately recognises the plant, classifies it in the relevant plant category and provides advice on how to care for it. On the MyHouzy personal profile results page, users can manage their plants easily. In addition, seasonal reminders can be imported into one's own calendar with just a few clicks.

Supporting the fight against invasive plants

The extensive database contributes not only to the identification of unknown plants, but also to the fight against invasive plants - so-called neophytes. There are currently 58 problematic invasive species in Switzerland. With regard to neophytes - four of them are particularly present in Swiss gardens. They can cause ecological, health and economic damage. According to the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, the annual costs for controlling these plants amount to 90 million francs. Now the federal government has also called on private individuals to cooperate. The Houzy plant guide takes care of this and therefore helps to recognise neophytes and combat them appropriately.

This and other Houzy functions are available free of charge on our website

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