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Stairs for indoors or outdoors from stair builder

Stairs for indoors or outdoors from stair builder

The material determines which craftsmen replace or renovate an old staircase with a new one: Metalworkers build stairs made of aluminum or stainless steel, carpenters or joiners build wooden stairs, and masons build concrete stairs. For outdoor use, stairs made of concrete or stainless metal are particularly suitable because they are durable, easy to maintain and weather resistant. Stairs made of wood for outdoors need to be treated regularly. Indoors, the choice of material depends mainly on your interior style.

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Straight, curved or ladder staircase?

There are at least a dozen variants of stairs for residential properties. The most common are the straight staircase, where the steps are fastened in lateral stringers, the spiral or curved staircase, which turns helically at least once around its own axis, and the ladder staircase, where a beam supports the treads. In the living area, maple, beech, birch, oak, ash, cherry or walnut are popular because wood radiates warmth. Aluminum, concrete or galvanized stainless steel are especially suitable for modern buildings.

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Straight, curved or ladder staircase?
Bar railing, belt railing or full railings?

Bar railing, belt railing or full railings?

Railings also come in many varieties. Depending on the staircase, it needs a handrail on the wall on one side and a railing on the other side, or a railing on both sides. Widely used are bar railings or picket railings with vertical bars made of wood or metal, belt railings that run parallel to the stairs, and full railings, for example, made of concrete, glass, masonry or metal. Of course, the materials can be combined, for example, glass with metal or wood with metal.

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How much does a new staircase with railing cost?

Prices depend on the material and size. The more ready-made elements can be used, the cheaper. The cheapest is concrete, the most expensive is wood. For a straight staircase with a dozen treads, estimate 5,000 Swiss francs for concrete, 6,000 Swiss francs for aluminum and 12,000 Swiss francs for medium-priced wood such as beech. In addition, there are 2,000 to 3,000 Swiss francs for assembly. A simple railing is included, special requests such as all-glass (900 to 1,200 Swiss francs per meter) cost extra.

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How much does a new staircase with railing cost?

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