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Ventilation technicians are experts in centralized and decentralized ventilation systems

Ventilation technicians are experts in centralized and decentralized ventilation systems

Ventilation improves the indoor climate, regulates humidity, minimizes the risk of mold and protects against fine dust, hay fever or pollen particles. In addition, a properly sized ventilation system reduces heating energy consumption. Basically, there are two systems: Centralized and decentralized ventilation. In the past, decentralized ventilation systems were only an alternative if centralized ventilation systems could not be installed for structural reasons; today, they are installed more frequently.

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Centralized ventilation for new buildings

Centralized ventilation is particularly suitable for new buildings because the air ducts can be installed in the shell under the floor or in the ceiling. In a renovation, the floor or ceiling would have to be opened for this. Centralized ventilation systems are networked throughout the house and direct fresh air into every room. However, the system has only one control. This is simple and practical, but individual rooms cannot be ventilated individually as with decentralized ventilation.

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Centralized ventilation for new buildings
Decentralized ventilation for renovations

Decentralized ventilation for renovations

Because decentralized ventilation systems do not require an air distribution system and can be installed in a space-saving manner, they are particularly suitable for renovations. If you are planning a facade renovation, you should consider decentralized ventilation. The room ventilation is individually controlled by a zone regulation. For smaller rooms such as the bathroom, a simple exhaust air system is sufficient; for larger rooms, two ventilation units make sense - one draws in fresh air, the other exhausts room air.

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How much does a ventilation system cost?

Expect to pay 16,000 to 20,000 Swiss francs for centralized ventilation in a single-family house of about 150 square meters. Decentralized ventilation is less expensive: about 12,000 Swiss francs or 15,000 Swiss francs with heat recovery. If you do not want to connect every room to the ventilation system, you should calculate with about 2,000 Swiss francs without or 2,500 Swiss francs with heat recovery. Heat recovery saves heating costs because it uses the energy of the exhaust air to warm the fresh air.

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How much does a ventilation system cost?

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