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Quality over quantity

We only work with a maximum of 3 companies per region who have convinced us with their work and who offer fair value for money.


Houzy supports regional craftsmen, so we only recommend businesses near you. Moreover, you save money thanks to shorter travel times.


Houzy is not just an intermediary. We maintain close contact with our craft partners to ensure your satisfaction.

Data protection

Data security is our top priority. Your data will never be passed on to third parties without permission. You decide which data you share for your offers.

Plasterers are professionals for walls, ceilings and facades

Plasterers are professionals for walls, ceilings and facades

Plasterers are officially called plasterers and drywallers and their training lasts three years. They plaster walls, ceilings and facades, clad ceilings and partition walls with plasterboard or gypsum fiberboard, install fiber optic cables and backlighting in suspended ceilings, insulate facades and decorate rooms with stucco. They also repair cracks in walls and ceilings, replace damaged areas of plaster and smooth uneven surfaces.

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The most important plastering work in the house

Plasterers primarily plaster walls and ceilings. To do this, they prepare the substrate, mix the mortar, apply the plaster and finish the surface. Indoors, they usually work with gypsum plaster (also known as stucco plaster), which is easier to apply and dries more quickly, or with the more complex and expensive lime plaster made from lime, sand and water. They also install plaster walls or plaster ceilings, carry out electrical work and conceal cables behind plaster walls or plaster ceilings.

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The most important plastering work in the house
The most important plastering work on the house

The most important plastering work on the house

Plasterers insulate and plaster the facade of the house. Insulation protects the house from heat loss, improves the indoor climate and reduces energy costs. By plastering, they design the façade, protect the house from the weather and maintain the value of the property in the long term. On the outside, they mainly work with the resistant but labor-intensive cement plaster (also known as stucco) made from cement, sand and water or with lime plaster, which is also used on the inside.

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How much does a professional plasterer cost?

Plasterers charge 70 to 120 Swiss francs per hour. The cost of plastering depends on the work involved and the material. You can expect to pay between 40 and 120 Swiss francs per square meter for plastering interior walls or ceilings and between 80 and 160 Swiss francs for plastering exterior walls. Gypsum plaster or stucco plaster is the cheapest, cement plaster the most expensive. Installing plasterboard costs around 40 to 100 Swiss francs per square meter, stucco costs around 100 Swiss francs per running meter.

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How much does a professional plasterer cost?

Quality & regionality with our certified craftsmen

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How does Houzy find the best craftsmen in my region?
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