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Shading experts are professionals for terrace roofs and pergolas

Shading experts are professionals for terrace roofs and pergolas

If you own a house or apartment with a cozy garden sitting area or a larger garden, you probably spend a lot of time outside. Especially during the summer months. In order to enjoy the sun in a relaxed way, you should protect yourself and your family from too much sun. For example, with a shady terrace roof or a pergola that will protect you from dangerous UV rays in the summer and from wind and weather in the winter, extending the outdoor season.

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Terrace roof or pergola made of wood or metal

A terrace roof, unlike a pergola, is a closed roof on supports that is attached to a house. Supports and roof are usually built of wood or metal, while all sides are open. Metal terrace roofs can be glazed, in which case the load-bearing capacity is important. Wood is easier to work with, but needs more maintenance; metal is more stable, weatherproof and easy to maintain, but more expensive. A wooden terrace roof can easily be planted with greenery, for example, ivy or wild vines.

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Terrace roof or pergola made of wood or metal
Freestanding shading - pergola, gazebo or sun sail

Freestanding shading - pergola, gazebo or sun sail

Originally, pergolas were climbing aids, for example, for vines, and did not shade the seating area over a wide area. Therefore, they can be supplemented with a slatted roof, blinds or an awning to provide shade. Today, pergolas are mainly made of aluminum, wood, metal or stone, as an extension or freestanding, and are open on the sides. Alternatives to the freestanding pergola include the gazebo, a hybrid of a garden shed and pergola, and the pavilion, usually a dome on columns. Other shade options include freestanding marquees or sun sails.

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Costs for a terrace roof or pergola

The most common are metal terrace roofs with glass roof. Expect to pay 600 to 833 Swiss francs per square meter for a metal terrace roof with laminated safety glass. Add 30 to 50 percent for shading. A 12 square meter flat roof thus costs 10,000 Swiss francs without or 15,000 Swiss francs with shading. A comparable pergola made of aluminum with shading costs about 10,000 Swiss francs and can be side-glazed (plus 2,000 Swiss francs) or side-shaded (plus 2,000 Swiss francs). You can learn more in the article "Terrace Roofing: Costs and Prices with Installation".

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Costs for a terrace roof or pergola

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