Houzy will soon be available for condominium owners!

February 4, 2020

At the end of February, we will publish a unique innovation that does not yet exist on the digital real estate market! You heard right - a small world premiere awaits you, so to speak. :)

Condominium owners can rejoice, because soon our online property valuation and condition analysis "HouzyCheck" will also be available for condominium owners. What's special about it? Condominium owners can calculate not only their own renovation costs, but also those of the common components. This makes it possible to check the current renovation fund for coverage and thus calculate the optimal annual contribution.

How does the calculation of the renovation costs and the contribution margin work?

The calculation of renovation costs for condominiums is much more complex than for a house - because as owners of a flat, not only their own renovation costs are incurred, but also joint expenses. Differentiating between own and joint renovation needs and the corresponding costs is therefore crucial. With our unique analysis model for condominium owners, we can show separately at what point in time which costs are incurred for one's own flat and for the joint property.

Renewal Fund Contribution Calculator for Condominium Owners on Laptop
Renovation fund contribution calculator for condominium owners from Houzy

The analysis of the renovation fund builds on the result of this digital condition analysis. Houzy compares the accumulated renovation costs with the current renovation fund and can thus check the coverage level. If this is too small or too large, the online contribution calculator on MyHouzy will calculate the required annual contribution to achieve the optimal coverage level. The whole thing takes just a few clicks and is - as usual - available free of charge. The result can also be easily shared with the community of owners.

We are very pleased to be able to make our platform accessible to flat owners and to grow our Houzy universe as a result!

And that's just the start: there is also news in the area of energy efficiency

We are launching our smart heating calculator at the end of March 2020 - the first of further features in the area of energy efficiency. Stay tuned!

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