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House renovation: Craftsmen for partial or total renovation

House renovation: Craftsmen for partial or total renovation

Many craftsmen are involved in a building renovation. For example, roofers or facade builders for the exterior and kitchen builders or plumbers for the interior work. A house can be renovated step by step (partial renovation) or in one piece (total renovation). Experts recommend renovation from the outside to the inside after a building analysis: First the facade, balcony, windows and sun protection, the roof, the heating system and finally the bathroom, kitchen and all the pipes.

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Renovate the outside of the house: the most important measures

Facades last 30 to 50 years, roofs 40 to 60 years. They are constantly exposed to wind and weather and should be regularly checked for cracks or damage through which moisture could penetrate. This also applies to exterior doors (20 to 40 years), skylights (25 years) or windows (20 to 50 years, depending on the material). If you own an older house that has not yet been renovated for energy efficiency, renovating the building envelope will improve energy efficiency and save a lot of energy.

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Renovate the outside of the house: the most important measures
Renovate the house inside: the main measures

Renovate the house inside: the main measures

Heating systems have an average service life of 15 to 30 years. If you still heat with oil or gas and are renovating your house for energy efficiency, a resource-saving heating system is consistent and worthwhile even before the end of its service life. After the heating system, you can renovate the bathroom, kitchen, and electrical and plumbing systems. Important to know: If you move walls or install new windows and doors, for example, you usually need a building permit.

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Costs for a house renovation

Depending on the thickness, facade insulation costs about 250 to 400 francs per square meter, and a new roof for an average single-family house costs about 25,000 to 60,000 francs. For a modern triple-glazed window, calculate 400 to 600 francs per square meter of surface area. A heat pump costs about 32,500 francs (air-to-air), 40,000 francs (air-to-water) or 50,000 francs (brine-to-water). Good to know: Energetic renovation measures are financially supported. You can learn more in the article "House Renovation: Costs for a Total Renovation in Switzerland".

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Costs for a house renovation

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