Correctly Maintain, Oil and Adjust Windows

July 5, 2019

Windows are subject to heavy mechanical stress and are permanently exposed to environmental influences, which is why it is enormously important to maintain the windows properly. The hinges and locking mechanisms of windows in particular are subject to high stress and wear due to regular opening, tilting and closing. The all-round closing hinge also fulfils an important task on the window that must be maintained. Because a window seal with a good fit not only ensures that there is no draught through the window, but also protects against break-ins. Regularly maintaining the window is therefore worthwhile, because only with constant care can you prevent problems in the long term.

Oil windows

Oiling mechanical components and cleaning and greasing the rubber seal is an important part of window maintenance. However, not just any product can be used to oil the window. If the wrong oil or grease is used for the moving components, regular lumps can form. To oil the moving parts, it is recommended to use an oil that is free of resin and acid. For the rubber seals, on the other hand, you can use commercially available Vaseline. Before you start oiling and greasing, the corresponding components should be cleaned. 

This is how it works:

  1. First clean windows and seals, strikers, strike plates and hinges with lukewarm water and a few drops of mild soap (e.g. washing-up liquid).
  2. After cleaning, dry all parts with a cloth.
  3. Now oil all moving parts with an acid- and resin-free oil. You can also grease the hinges or window hinges. Use a lubricating grease and lift the hinges a little to grease them.
  4. The sealing rubbers should preferably be cared for with a silicone spray or with Vaseline. A lip balm is also suitable.

Adjust windows

If the window jams when you open it or you can only open it with a tug or by lifting it, then you should adjust your window. Because if you do not act, you will destroy the locking technology in the long run. The locking pins ensure that the seal is tight and that the window cannot be levered out from the outside. So, in terms of your safety and the longevity of your windows, it is advisable to act quickly. You can adjust the window yourself with our instructions. If you are not technically skilled, you should call in a craftsman to do this.

This is how it works:

  1. If the window is stuck on one side, it must be readjusted laterally. This is done by alternately turning the adjustment screws on the corner bearings and stay bearings. If you turn the corner bearing anticlockwise and the stay bearing clockwise, the window sash moves in the direction of the hinge. A hex key is usually required for this purpose.
  2. If the window wing is too high or too low, you have to readjust its height.
  3. Measure with a folding rule how much distance is necessary on both sides so that the sash hangs embedded in the frame again.
  4. If you need to lower the window wing, then turn the screw in the corner bearing anticlockwise, to raise it, turn clockwise. When the height is correct, tighten the screw in the stay bearing.

Houzy Hint


Always proceed step by step and check the new settings in stages until the window fits again.

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