Replace Window Seal: How to Save Heating Costs and Increase Burglary Security

July 5, 2019

Is there a draught coming through your windows? Do you feel an unpleasant cold in your house? Then it's time to replace the window seals. Because a window seal with a good fit not only ensures that there is no draught through the windows, but also protects against break-ins. So it pays to act quickly - and it's very easy to do. You can stop the draught yourself with simple means and thus restore your living comfort without the help of a professional. 

This is how it works:

  1. Check the seals of all windows: if they are brittle, porous or even cracked, they must be replaced.
  2. In addition, do the paper test: place a sheet of paper between the window sash and the frame and close the window. If the paper can be pulled out, the contact pressure is too small because the seals have shrunk over the years. They also need to be replaced. If you are handy, you can do this yourself.
  3. Loosen one end of the defective window seal and take a picture of it with your smartphone or a camera; additionally, measure the width of the seal with a tape measure. This will help you find the right product at the DIY store or window fitter. If in doubt, seek advice.
  4. Now cut the old window seal in some places with a cutter knife in order to remove it afterwards. Caution: Do not damage the window frame in the process.
  5. Entfernen Sie verbleibenden Klebstoff.
  6. Now you can attach the new window seal: To do this, start in the middle of the upper frame and press the new window seal into the groove (notch). At the corners, mitre cut the seals with a cutter knife or mitre pliers (cut at an angle in the corner) so that everything is sealed without gaps.

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