Feng Shui: How to Arrange Your Home Harmoniously

January 7, 2021

In winter, we spend more time indoors than outdoors. And since Corona and home office, many of us leave the house or flat even less. This makes it all the more important to have a beautiful home in which you feel safe and comfortable. With Feng Shui, a millennia-old harmony theory from China, you can change your well-being in your own four walls or individual rooms.

Five elements in harmony

Feng Shui is pronounced Fong Schweyi and literally means wind (Feng) and water (Shui). Chi, the force or energy that flows through the entire cosmos, plays a central role in the theory of harmony. The aim of Feng Shui is to allow the Chi to flow uninhibited through the living space. When the energy flows neither too fast nor too slow, we feel safe and secure. There are various teachings such as the teachings of the five elements earth, fire, wood, metal and water, which describe the states of Chi. All elements need to be in harmony to improve the flow of energy. If a room lacks wood, a parquet floor could strengthen the Chi.

Shapes, colours, materials

Feng Shui consultants work with a Feng Shui compass (Bagua), analyse the light spectrum and arrange gardens, houses, rooms or flats with the right shapes, colours and materials. To do this, they divide the floor plan into so-called houses, which are grouped around the Tai Chi. Tai Chi is the centre, symbolises health and balance and should be left free. The eight other houses represent eight important areas of life: Family, helpful friends, career, children, partnership, wealth, fame and knowledge. This plan is called a bagua and is laid over the floor plan and assigns corners, areas or rooms to the individual houses so that the chi flows freely. However, you can already change and positively influence a lot with simpler measures.

With the Feng Shui Compass, Feng Shui consultants arrange rooms harmoniously
Feng Shui consultants work with a Feng Shui compass. But it also works without.

Feng Shui is also simple

There is no patent remedy and no one-size-fits-all solution. But with these ten simple tips you can improve the energy flow in your home - without a Feng Shui consultant...

  • Tidy up and get rid of things you no longer need. But don't overdo it: a bare room is uncomfortable and bad for your well-being.
  • Outside, the light changes in the course of the day. Simulate this with several light sources for different lighting moods. Bright light in the home office and kitchen, soft light in the living room and bedroom. Curtains should be translucent and not completely darken the room.
  • Round shapes allow the chi to flow better than square ones, for example a round table better than a square one. Therefore, choose decorative objects with organic shapes.
  • Do not place the bed between the door and the window. Ideally, you can see the door when you are lying in bed. If this is not possible, a wind chime will bring the chi back into balance. The head of the bed should be against a wall, with no pictures or shelves hanging above it. Do not hide clutter under your bed, it will only disturb your sleep.
  • Mirrors don't belong in the bedroom because they reflect energy, but they do belong in the living area. Because they reflect beauty, bring width into the room and open up the view to the back. But be careful with mirrors opposite the entrance door: Visitors can feel unwelcome.
  • Glasses, shiny surfaces and mirrors stimulate the flow of energy. Decorate your living room with candlesticks, crystal bowls or wind chimes, for example.
  • Stellen Sie das Sofa oder den Schreibtisch so auf, dass Sie die Türe sehen und sie nicht im Rücken haben. Am besten an eine Wand, dann fühlen Sie sich richtig sicher und gut aufgehoben.
  • In the home office, make sure that you do not look directly out of the window.
  • With plants on the windowsill, the chi is not lost the window area, fluttering plants on the floor keep the life energy in the room longer. Plants strengthen the Chi. But take good care of them, old bouquets or dead plants have the opposite effect.
  • Adapt the decoration to the season. For example, with leaves, flowers, shells, stones, a bowl of water or an indoor fountain.

Houzy Advice

Good to know

Feng Shui also works without symbols. The life energy chi flows even without Buddha statues, chimes or crystals if you furnish your house or flat according to the harmony theory.

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Feng Shui: the five elements

It is important for the energy flow that all elements are in balance. Then they strengthen the Chi. A brief overview of the five elements, their colours and what you can influence with them:

  • Earth stands for the houses of partnership and knowledge and the central Tai Chi. Yellow and brown dominate the colours. Natural materials such as ceramics, linen, porcelain, terracotta, clay or stone reinforce the influence of the element earth.
  • Fire stands for the House of Fame. In terms of colour, red and orange dominate. Candles, a fireplace, lamps or furniture with corners and edges reinforce the influence of the element fire.
  • Wood stands for the houses of family and wealth. Green dominates in terms of colour. Furniture made of bamboo or wood, tall and slender shapes, cut flowers or indoor plants reinforce the influence of the element wood.
  • Metal stands for helpful friends and children. Gold, silver and white dominate in terms of colour. Glass, crystals, matt or shiny metals and round shapes reinforce the influence of the element metal.
  • Water stands for career. In terms of colour, blue, black and violet dominate. Aquariums, pictures or photographs with rivers, wet plants, glass, furniture with wavy or irregular shapes and silk reinforce the influence of the element water.

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Feng Shui is independent of your living style. The theory of harmony works just as well in an old house as in a new flat - regardless of whether you have furnished your home in a modern or country style.

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