Spring cleaning done right: start spring carefree

March 2, 2023
  1. Plan spring cleaning
  2. Tidy up and clear out
  3. Clean
  4. Decorate and relax
  5. The alternative: have it cleaned

Do the words tidy, clean, scrub and declutter make your hair stand on end just by reading them? The idea of all the work that comes with spring cleaning can be quite daunting - especially with a large house or flat. But with good planning and a few tips and tricks, spring cleaning can be fun and even relaxing: A tidy and clean home not only looks beautiful, but is also good for the soul.

Plan spring cleaning

Organise procedure and cleaning utensils

Organisation and planning are essential for a stress-free and effective spring cleaning. Think about the order in which you want to tackle your rooms. It is advisable to tackle the rooms with the most use first, such as the bathroom and kitchen. This is where the most work needs to be done because of the limescale and grease residues. If you have children, involve them directly in the planning and decide who is responsible for which room or task. Also think about which cleaning products you need for which room. Do you have all-purpose cleaner, cleaning cloths, enough rubbish bags, oven spray, decalcifier and so on at home? It is best to go through all the rooms and write down the cleaners you need.

Houzy Hint


Grandparents tried and tested household remedies such as vinegar, lemon, baking soda or salt are still effective helpers for spring cleaning. Many cleaning agents can also be easily made yourself or ordered on the internet.

Cleaning utensils for spring cleaning
Organisation and planning are essential for a stress-free and effective spring cleaning.

Good mood helps

With your favourite music, cleaning becomes much more fun. Put together a good mood music list to which you can swing the feather duster. In addition, you should reward yourself with energy-rich and healthy snacks in between and after your work is done. Shop for the foods that bring you joy and plan a delicious dinner. 

Plan spring cleaning and create music list
With your favorite music and some snacks, cleaning becomes much more fun.

Tidy up and clear out

You can only clean up after you have tidied up. That's why you should definitely use spring cleaning as an opportunity to declutter. Now is the best time to get rid of old things, clean out drawers and cupboards and create order. The big advantage is that everything you dispose of no longer needs to be cleaned and makes room for something new. In addition, letting go of ballast also does you good, according to the motto: Inner peace through outer order. 

Houzy Hint


1. Tidy up and clear out first, then clean. 2. Always clean from back to front and from top to bottom. 3. If you are right-handed, clean from right to left or vice versa. 4. Dust before you vacuum.


Professional help with spring cleaning

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From the garage to the junk drawers

If possible, don't leave out any room when you clear out. Here, too, it is advisable to start with the largest storage room and save the small junk drawers for last. For example, start with the cellar or the garage. That's where a lot of items are lying around that should probably have been disposed of long ago. Also check your pantry and medicine cabinet. Have the expiry dates of food and medicines already expired? What about all the pots and tubes in the bathroom cabinet? You can dispose of the 3-year-old sunscreen, it no longer protects.

Don't forget to clean out your wardrobe

You can also clean out your wardrobe once again. When you clean out the clothes to clean the inside of the wardrobe afterwards, you can think about whether you really still need all the clothes. Clothes that you no longer wear but are still in good condition can be donated to a clothing drive. Once you have put the remaining clothes away again, you can create a pleasant scent in the wardrobe, for example with a lavender sachet. 

Houzy Hint


According to tidying icon and bestselling author Marie Kondo, decluttering means only keeping what really brings you joy. So always ask yourself whether the object you are holding sparks joy in you so that you can part with things more easily. If not, get rid of it!

Tidy closet
Clothes that you no longer wear but are still in good condition can be donated to a clothing drive.


After you have de-cluttered your home and cleared out all the rooms, cupboards, drawers and shelves, it's time to tackle the dirt. Prepare your cleaning materials and hang up the cleaning master plan you made beforehand somewhere where everyone can see it. And now: grab your cleaning utensils, turn up the music and let's go!

Bye bye dust 

The troublesome dust is now finally being countered with full force. And we don't mean the thin layer of dust on the surfaces. Because the dust increasingly accumulates over time in hidden places, for example under the sofa or bed or behind the shelf. Put an end to these dust accumulations. To do this, move movable furniture and remove large dust accumulations with a hoover. Then wipe the area with a damp cloth - this way the dust is less likely to settle again. Rub everything dry and you're done. The easiest way to clean dusty radiators is with a feather duster.

Other objects that are not easy to clean with a feather duster are best cleaned with a damp cloth or an old sock. Dampen the sock and put it over your hand - and you have a practical dust catcher with which you can clean the roller shutters, for example. When dusting, don't forget the lamps and the slatted frames under the bed. Do you have many small decorative items? You can now also free them from the grey veil.

Houzy Hint


If you do not have a suitable feather duster for the radiator at hand, place a damp towel under the radiator and blow the dust onto the cloth from top to bottom with the help of a hair dryer.

Remove dust with hoover and feather duster
Remove large dust accumulations with the hoover and wipe the area with a damp cloth.

Goodbye stains and mould

Stubborn stains are often ignored during regular cleaning. Now the day has come when you can stand up to these stains too. On the Internet you will find a multitude of tips and tricks for removing stains from various textiles and materials. Get an overview of all stains and pay attention to material incompatibilities of the cleaning agent. Often, grandma's home remedies also help with stains. For example, baking soda, which is suitable for cleaning bathroom grout. Read this article to find out how to clean your grout and remove mild mould yourself.

Cleaning stains with a cleaning glove
Get an overview of all stains and watch out for material incompatibilities in the cleaning agent.

Unclogging and cleaning the drain 

Both in the bathrooms and in the kitchen there are drains that tend to get blocked if they are not cleaned for a long time. To ensure that the water flows properly again, the drains should be cleaned and unclogged regularly. Now is the right time to take care of this task as well. You can use natural cleaning agents such as baking soda or vinegar essence to remove light blockages caused by deposits such as grease or limescale. For stubborn blockages, for example caused by hair, you will need a suction bell or a pipe spiral.

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The chalk must also be removed 

A proper spring cleaning also includes descaling the taps and appliances such as the kettle or coffee machine. The good thing is that there is no need to use chemical descaling agents: acidic household remedies such as lemon, vinegar or vinegar essence fight limescale just as efficiently.

Decalcify faucet
A proper spring cleaning also includes descaling the faucets and appliances such as the kettle or coffee maker.

The complete view with cleaned windows

We also like to leave the windows out of the cleaning ritual during the year, because cleaning windows can be quite a nuisance, depending on how dirty they are and what cleaning materials are available. But with a few tricks, it can be done. It is best to clean the windows on a cloudy day without direct sunlight. This way you avoid unsightly streaks on the window glass. You can safely do without expensive special equipment. 

Get a bucket of water, a flannel and a microfibre cloth ready and start removing the coarse dirt. A soft hand brush is ideal for this. For wet cleaning, use a soft cloth or, even better, a microfibre cloth. Simply add some normal washing-up liquid to the cold water. Annoying limescale stains can be combated even better with a little methylated spirits in the water. The easiest way to dry the windows afterwards is with a rubber squeegee. Alternatively, a high-quality microfibre cloth or chamois leather will produce a streak-free result.

Finally, don't forget the window frames, window sill and shutters. And: What about your curtains? A clean window also means a fresh curtain - so it's best to start a wash cycle right away.

Houzy Hint


With distilled water, the cleaning result on the window panes is even more radiant than with tap water.

Man cleans window pane
After cleaning the windows, the easiest way to dry them is with a rubber squeegee

Decorate and relax

Now that you've made room for new things and everything is spick and span, you can put the finishing touches on your home. Use the spring cleaning to bring some fresh pep into your four walls. Rearrange the sofa, rearrange furnishings or pick up small decorative items that will make your house or flat shine in all its glory. We wish you lots of fun with your spring cleaning.

Dekoartikel für das Zuhause
After cleaning the windows, the easiest way to dry them is with a rubber squeegee.

The alternative: Have them clean

If, despite our tips and tricks, you don't feel like spring cleaning or simply don't have the time, get cleaning. Make sure you hire a reputable cleaning service provider. On the one hand, so that your house or flat is really spring-fresh and clean. On the other hand, so that the cleaning professionals are insured against occupational as well as non-occupational accidents and the cleaning service provider correctly accounts for the social insurances and pays the premiums.

Are you looking for a trustworthy cleaning provider for regular or one-off cleanings such as spring cleaning or a final cleaning? In our partner network you will find certified cleaning experts from your region, whom we recommend to you with a clear conscience. Request quotes for your house or apartment now, so you can enjoy spring in a relaxed way.

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