Kitchen Renovation: How Much Does Your New Kitchen Cost?

June 2, 2022
  1. Cost factors for a new kitchen
  2. Costs for a simple kitchen
  3. Costs for a standard kitchen
  4. Costs for an high class kitchen
  5. Costs for a luxury kitchen
  6. Four saving tips for your new kitchen
  7. How to upgrade your kitchen

Do you own a detached house or a condominium with an older kitchen? If so, you have probably already thought about a kitchen renovation: according to the lifespan table, kitchen equipment lasts 25 to 40 years, ovens and freezers 15 years, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves and steamers 10 years. In this article you will learn how much a new kitchen costs, how you can save money and why it doesn't pay to save in the wrong place.

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Cost factors for a new kitchen

How much you pay for your new kitchen after renovation depends on many factors. These are the seven most important cost factors for kitchens, arranged alphabetically:

  1. Old kitchen: Before the kitchen builder can install the new kitchen and all the appliances, he must dispose of the old kitchen properly. You should calculate with plus/minus 1,000 Swiss francs for this.
  2. Size and floor plan: A classic kitchen unit costs less than a kitchen in an L-shape, U-shape or with a cooking island, but offers less work surface and storage space. Fitted kitchens made to measure are more expensive than modular kitchens with kitchen elements that can be combined.
  3. Kitchen builder: You should leave it to a kitchen builder to dismantle the kitchen, disconnect the appliances from the electricity, dispose of the kitchen and appliances, fit the new kitchen to the millimetre and install the new appliances. Unless you are a craftsman or a gifted DIYer.
  4. Kitchen appliances: Oven, extractor fan, dishwasher, hob and refrigerator are standard in every rented flat today. As an apartment owner, you can supplement your kitchen with a steamer, a warming drawer or a wine storage cabinet, for example. Be sure to pay attention to the energy efficiency class, regardless of the price range.
  5. Delivery and installation: When comparing offers, make sure that delivery and installation are included. If not, expect to pay a few thousand francs extra.
  6. Materials: You can spend the most - or save - with your choice of materials. Natural stone such as granite, limestone or quartzite for worktops or as splashbacks is more expensive than wood or plastic. If you choose wood, pine, for example, is cheaper than cherry.
  7. Quality: A kitchen is an investment for 25 to 40 years. That's why it's worth it for you to spend a little more on your dream kitchen or the kitchen appliances. For example, it is better to sacrifice a function than quality or energy efficiency.

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Costs for a simple kitchen

For a simple kitchen without kitchen appliances, you should reckon with plus/minus CHF 5,000. Such kitchens are suitable for a granny flat or a studio in your detached house, for example.

Cost breakdown kitchens Switzerland
A standard kitchen with everything you need costs CHF 20,000 or more without extras.

Costs for a standard kitchen

A standard kitchen with a worktop, corpus, cupboards, drawers and base units and a simple oven, extractor fan, dishwasher, ceramic hob and refrigerator with freezer compartment costs from CHF 20,000. But you will have to do without granite, high-tech or lacquer.

Costs for an high class kitchen

For 50,000 Swiss francs or more, you get a kitchen that is more spacious and expansive. The kitchen fronts are made of real wood instead of veneer, the worktop is made of solid wood or natural stone instead of synthetic resin or artificial stone, the fittings are more stylish and easier to operate, the appliances are of higher quality, more energy-efficient and smart. For 50,000 Swiss francs plus, there are also one or two extra kitchen appliances, for example a microwave, and hidden LED lighting.

Costs for a luxury kitchen

If cooking is more than preparing food for you, there is (almost) no limit. Custom-made kitchen furniture with wider cabinets and drawers, handleless lacquer fronts, fine materials such as walnut or slate for the worktops and professional gastronomic appliances have their price: from 100,000 Swiss francs.

Four saving tips for your new kitchen

  1. Priorities: Set a budget ceiling and make a list of what is important and less important. If you bake only rarely, you don't need the most expensive oven. Instead, you could afford solid wood fronts or a natural stone worktop, for example.
  2. Choice of materials: Saving on quality will cost you more in the long run than you will save in the short run. Choose comparable alternatives without any compromises. Pine wood, for example, is just as durable and easy to care for as cherry wood, but costs significantly less.
  3. Compare offers: Obtain several offers. Pay attention to details and check whether the offers are complete and all services correspond to your request so that you can compare apples with apples. The cheapest offer is not always the best offer.
  4. Model kitchens: Kitchen builders display kitchens in their kitchen studios or at trade fairs, which they replace from time to time and sell at up to 70 percent discount on the list price. Big disadvantage: the kitchen has to fit, it can only be adapted or supplemented with a lot of effort.

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Request kitchen builders from your region. This saves travel time and costs. In addition, the kitchen builder can reach you more quickly if, for example, a drawer or door is stuck.

New Kitchen - Green
Change the mood in your kitchen without much effort with a little colour.

How to upgrade your kitchen

Installing a kitchen and all the kitchen appliances is time-consuming and requires a lot of expertise (see "Cost factors for a new kitchen"). That's why you should leave the work to a professional. If you are only planning minor work, you can change a lot with relatively little effort even without a kitchen builder:

  • If the worktop is damaged or does not match the new kitchen fronts, replace it. Laminate is cheap but not hard-wearing. Solid wood is more durable but needs maintenance. Natural stone such as granite is durable and easy to maintain. There is a lot to do when replacing. For one thing, the sink usually has to be replaced as well, because it is seamlessly integrated into the old surface. On the other hand, the surfaces are often glued to the base units with silicone.
  • Sometimes all it takes is a little colour. Paint a wall and change your kitchen without having to dig deep into your pocket. Light colours make the kitchen look bigger. Use water-repellent paint when painting the back wall behind the cooking and sink area.
  • You can hide old tiles behind a custom-made wall covering made of glass, plastic or metal. Then you don't have to paint or even knock out the tiles.
  • New handles made of stainless steel, wood, plastic or porcelain for drawers and doors work wonders. Unadorned straight handles underline the timeless character of a modern design kitchen, while painted porcelain handles add nostalgic accents to a country kitchen.
  • If the kitchen fronts are in good shape, you can clean, degrease, sand and repaint or glaze them. If they are badly worn, replace the old fronts with new ones. The easiest and safest way is to order the fronts from the manufacturer of your kitchen.

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In our article «Renovate the Kitchen: You Can Do it Yourself» you will find even more tips and tricks for DIY kitchen renovation. It's so easy to get more out of your old kitchen.

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