Gardening: Costs and Prices in Switzerland

May 4, 2023
  1. Cost of garden planning
  2. Cost of garden maintenance
  3. Cost of tree care
  4. Do it yourself or have it done?
  5. Compare costs and services

A garden gives a lot of work. From spring to autumn more, in winter less. Most homeowners love gardening. Some because planting flowers, mowing the lawn or weeding relaxes them, others because the vegetables from their own garden taste better than those from the supermarket. Unfortunately, many have too little time for your garden and/or no green thumb. A gardener relieves you completely or partially of time-consuming gardening tasks and keeps the garden in good shape, so that you can enjoy the end of work, the weekend and your vacations relaxed in your magnificent green paradise. This costs less than you might think.

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Gardeners will also take care of your flower boxes and potted plants on the patio if you don't have your own garden, or the plants in your house or apartment.

Costs of garden planning

Prepare for the garden tour with the garden designer. How do you want your garden to be: dreamy and romantic, playful and wild, or strict and unfussy? When you build a house, you start with a plan. This is also true for garden design. First, the garden designer measures the plot and draws plans before the gardeners excavate soil, terrace the ground, lay gutters, pipes or manholes, build curbs, foundations or retaining walls, install lights, lay natural stone slabs for the seating area or dig out the biotope. Only then are trees, flowers, vegetables, hedges, lawns, perennials and ornamental shrubs planted or sown. The cost of gardening depends on the size of the garden and your needs. Calculate with

  • 120 Swiss francs per hour for the consultation,
  • 120 Swiss francs per hour for the garden designer and
  • 80 to 100 Swiss francs an hour for the gardener.

To these labor costs, add the cost of materials. For example, for the plants, natural stone slabs or water treatment for the swimming pond. The sky's the limit …

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The more far-sighted the garden designer plans the gardening, the faster the gardeners will be ready - and you will have less work with the garden. That is why the money for gardening is well invested.

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Do you dream of a swimming pool in your garden? This dream will cost you at least 35,000 Swiss francs for a plastic or 60,000 Swiss francs for a concrete or stainless steel pool.

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Costs of garden maintenance

Here, too, you should expect to pay 80 to 100 Swiss francs an hour. You can estimate the cost of simpler gardening tasks that you don't have time for, by using these guideline values:

Mowing the lawn costs about 25 to 35 centimes per square meter*
• Mowing and scarifying the lawn costs about 1 to 1.10 Swiss francs per square meter*
• Weeding cost about 2 to 4 Swiss francs per square meter*
• A simple hedge cut costs at least 1 Swiss franc per linear meter*
• Pruning a hedge to the ground costs up to 50 Swiss francs per linear meter*
• Winterizing plants costs 60 to 120 Swiss francs per square meter*

More demanding gardening tasks cannot simply be estimated. This applies, for example, to pruning trees, felling diseased trees, identifying and combating invasive plants (neophytes) or digging up rootstocks, which are usually charged on a time and material basis or combined.

* These are approximate rates. Contact certified gardeners from our network and get up to 3 gardener offers to compare costs.

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Have you discovered a plant in your garden that you do not know? With our Neophyte Checker find out with a photo if it is an invasive plant that you need to control.

Cost of tree care

For tree care, many gardeners charge a flat rate for job preparation and security, chipper, tools, and disposal of branches and trunks, plus the tree care specialist's labor time. Tree trimming costs about 400 to 1000 Swiss francs*, depending on the tree.

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Read in "Tree care: How to keep your trees in good shape", how to care for the trees in your garden and what to do if a tree casts too much shade or is old and diseased.

Gardener costs: gardener cuts a hedge
Hedge trimming costs from 1 Swiss franc for simple hedge cuts to 50 Swiss francs for hedge cuts down to the stock.

Do it yourself or have it done?

Many gardening tasks you could do yourself. All you need is enough time, a green thumb and the right tools. If you want your flowers to bloom magnificently and your lawn to grow lush green, you should water your garden regularly, daily in the summer, mow your lawn every two weeks and scarify twice a year and weed regularly. If you lack the time to do this, you can delegate some or all of the work to a gardener. As individual jobs, for example in spring and fall, or by subscription, for example once a week. More demanding and dangerous work, such as pruning trees, felling diseased trees, combating invasive plants or digging up rootstocks, is better left to professionals.

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Read "Lawn Mower Purchase Guide: Important Criteria for the Right Lawn Mower Choice", if you need a new lawn mower. In "Smart Gardening Makes Garden Work Easier", find tips on how to mow your lawn or water your garden without lifting a finger.

Find gardener: Compare costs and services

In horticulture and gardening, it is especially important to compare apples with apples and pears with pears. Therefore, set the same task for every gardener you ask for a quote. First, compare the services: Is all the work listed? Are the offers complete? Then compare the costs: Are the services more or less expensive? Are all items listed, not just labor and material costs? Pay attention to travel costs, hourly rates as well as flat rates for machines and tools or the disposal of green waste. Ask questions if you don't understand something, and don't go for the first offer that comes along. It makes sense to choose a gardener from your area. Especially if you want him to maintain your garden on a regular basis.

Are you building new and looking for a garden designer, do you not have time (anymore) for garden maintenance or do you want to have your garden spruced up? Contact gardeners from your region with a few clicks and get up to 3 offers. All gardeners in our partner network are certified, so we can recommend them to you with a clear conscience.

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