Lawn Mower Purchase Guide: Important Criteria for the Right Lawn Mower Choice

June 3, 2021
  1. Selection by lawn area
  2. Sickle mower or bar mower?
  3. The reel lawn mower
  4. The battery lawn mower
  5. The electric lawn mower
  6. The petrol lawn mower
  7. The robotic mower
  8. The lawn tractor
  9. Caution - disturbing the peace!

If you own a house with a garden or a flat with a garden seating area, you need a lawn mower. But what kind? That depends on several factors. For example, the lawn, the area and the terrain. And on how often you mow your lawn. The more powerful the lawn mower, the easier lawn care becomes. That's why the engine - next to the cutting technique - is the most important argument when choosing a lawn mower.

Selection by lawn area

The simplest selection criterion for a lawn mower is the area (guide values) of the lawn:

  • up to 100 square metres: Robotic mower or reel lawnmower
  • 100 to 250 square metres: Battery lawn mower, electric lawnmower or robotic mower
  • 250 to 500 square metres: Petrol lawn mower, electric lawn mower or robotic mower
  • 500 to 1000 square metres: Petrol lawn mower or robotic mower (with more than one battery)
  • from 1000 square metres: Lawn tractor (or ride-on lawn mower)

Houzy Advice

Good to know

The more lawn you mow, the more important a wheel drive, especially on slopes, a catcher box and the cutting width.

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Pay attention to the cutting width. In a garden with many trees, beds, bushes or shrubs, a lawn mower with a small cutting width is more manoeuvrable than one with a large cutting width.

Sickle mower or bar mower?

Most lawn mowers are rotary mowers. Their blade bars rotate at high speed, creating an airflow that raises the blades of grass vertically before cutting them. The one-sided cut means that neither branches nor stones get caught in the blades. On the other hand, the cut is not as clean as with a bar mower, which cuts short blades, tall grass or thin woody plants from both sides like scissors.

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Good to know

Bar mowers cannot be extended with a catcher box and you have to rake up all the cut grass blades. That is why a rotary mower makes more sense for the garden or garden patio.

The reel lawn mower

A reel lawn mower cuts all blades of grass precisely, cleanly and gently with a blade roller and a lower blade and is suitable for smaller areas, for example ornamental lawns. The horizontally mounted cutting blades cut like scissors and hardly injure the blades. You can easily adjust the cutting height and also mow early on Sundays because the reel lawnmower is silent and you won't disturb anyone.

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Good to know

Reel lawn mowers are particularly environmentally friendly because they use neither petrol nor electricity, and they take up less space in the cellar or storage room than all other lawn mower models.

The battery lawn mower

A battery-powered lawn mower is practical. You don't have to buy petrol and you don't need a power socket nearby. But you do need to remember to charge the battery. When choosing a model, look for a powerful battery that stores enough power to mow the whole lawn - or buy a second battery to supplement the first so you can mow without interruption. A cordless lawn mower is the right choice if you mow and maintain your lawn regularly. If you mow it infrequently and the grass or flowers grow tall, a petrol lawn mower makes more sense.

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Good to know

A cordless lawnmower is easy to maintain. All you have to do is clean it before storing it in the winter and, if necessary, sharpen the blades or have them sharpened in the spring.

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Rechargeable batteries are relatively expensive. Therefore, make sure that the batteries are compatible with other devices of the lawn mower manufacturer, for example with a leaf blower or lawn trimmer.

Battery lawn mower
A petrol lawn mower is more powerful, but not as flexible as a battery lawn mower.

The electric lawn mower

Much of what applies to battery lawn mowers also applies to electric lawn mowers. They are compact, light, quiet, virtually maintenance-free and manoeuvrable. But they have one major disadvantage: they are less flexible because they need a socket nearby and a cable drum with an extension cord. Besides, you always have to be careful not to run over the cable and cut it. Actually, nothing should happen because there should be a short circuit and the fuse should blow. Nevertheless, you should take some precautions with an electric lawn mower:

  • Buy a red extension cable, which they can see better in the grass than a black one.
  • Only mow the lawn when it is dry.
  • Check the cable before plugging it in.
  • Check the cable when you roll it up.

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The petrol lawn mower

A petrol lawn mower is more powerful than a battery lawn mower and more flexible than an electric lawn mower. It is suitable for medium and large lawns and is strong enough to cut high or wet grass without any problems. A good petrol lawn mower costs a little more, including maintenance, but is a long-term investment. It is sturdily built from high-quality components and is heavier than other lawn mowers. You can upgrade it with a mulching kit, for example, which shreds the grass clippings and distributes them as mulch on the lawn. This way, water evaporates less quickly and the soil stays moist longer.

Houzy Advice

Good to know

A petrol lawn mower gives more to do. Before putting it into storage you need to empty the tank and clean the mower, in spring you may need to sharpen the blades or have them sharpened.

The robotic mower

A robotic mower is suitable for well-kept and short lawns and not for high or wet grass. Large and open areas without disturbing trees or bushes are ideal. The robotic lawn mower mows independently within the boundaries you draw with the boundary wire and automatically drives to the charging station as soon as it needs power. Laying the boundary wire in the ground is time-consuming, but you have almost nothing more to do with lawn care. Modern robotic mowers are ideal if you want a well-maintained lawn but don't have the time or don't want to mow your lawn regularly yourself.

Houzy Advice

Good to know

A robotic mower is easy to care for. You only need to clean it roughly before storing it. In spring, it is enough to clean the blade system thoroughly and sharpen or replace the blades.

Houzy Hint


When choosing a model, pay attention to the battery power. In a large garden, you may need more than one robotic mower for the entire lawn. Choose a model with individually screwed-on razor-sharp blades rather than fixed star or double-blade blades - they cut more precisely and fold away when they hit a solid object.

Lawn mower: robotic mower
A robotic mower is ideal if you don't have time for lawn care but want a well-maintained lawn.

The lawn tractor

A lawn tractor or ride-on lawn mower makes sense from 1000 square metres. The larger the area, the greater the cutting width. Unless there are trees, bushes or shrubs in the garden that need to be cut around. The engine power is important. If you often mow wet grass or use the tractor as a snow blower, for example, a two-cylinder engine makes more sense than a one-cylinder engine. Preferably with a hydrostatic transmission with only one gear that you do not have to shift. A catcher box is practical so that you can conveniently collect the grass and compost it afterwards.

Caution - disturbing the peace!

In many municipalities, night rest is required by law from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. or 7 a.m.. There are also supplementary rest periods for noisy work. This includes, for example, house or garden work. For example, you are not allowed to mow the lawn from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. from Monday to Friday, from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 5 p.m. on Saturday, or on Sundays and public holidays.

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