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Quality over quantity

We only work with a maximum of 3 companies per region who have convinced us with their work and who offer fair value for money.


Houzy supports regional craftsmen, so we only recommend businesses near you. Moreover, you save money thanks to shorter travel times.


Houzy is not just an intermediary. We maintain close contact with our craft partners to ensure your satisfaction.

Data protection

Data security is our top priority. Your data will never be passed on to third parties without permission. You decide which data you share for your offers.

Security experts are specialists in alarm systems

Security experts are specialists in alarm systems

Securing windows or doors makes the burglars' work more difficult, but does not prevent all break-ins. With an alarm system you improve your burglary protection. Thanks to contacts on particularly vulnerable or all windows and doors, it detects as soon as someone wants to break in and triggers a silent or loud alarm. It makes sense for a security expert to first create a security concept that takes into account all processes and movements in your home before installing the alarm system.

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Alarm systems for single family houses or apartments

Good alarm systems are tamper-proof and can be set up and expanded on a modular basis. They can be combined, for example, with glass breakage detectors, window sensors, door sensors or surveillance cameras, as well as with gas, smoke, temperature or water level detectors, and can be remotely controlled via a smartphone or tablet. In addition, modern alarm systems can be integrated into a smart home system and networked, for example, with a wristband transmitter, drop sensor or emergency call button that immediately summons help in an emergency.

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Alarm systems for single family houses or apartments
Wired alarm system or wireless alarm system?

Wired alarm system or wireless alarm system?

Wired alarm systems are more fail-safe than wireless alarm systems because atmospheric disturbances or magnetic fields hardly affect the signal transmission. For large houses or apartments, wired alarm systems make more sense because the signals are transmitted without delay even over longer distances. As a rule, wired alarm systems are suitable for new buildings or renovations and wireless alarm systems for retrofitting, because they can be installed subsequently without great effort.

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Costs for an alarm system that protects your home

Installation is more complex, which is why wired alarm systems cost more than wireless alarm systems. The more motion detectors, modules, sensors or surveillance cameras are integrated, the more expensive the system becomes. Expect to pay 6,000 to 12,000 Swiss francs or more for a large single-family home (wired alarm system) or 3,000 to 6,000 Swiss francs for an average-sized apartment (wireless alarm system). Add to this the annual subscription costs for the emergency call center (400 to 1,200 Swiss francs) and maintenance costs.

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Costs for an alarm system that protects your home

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