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Quality over quantity

We only work with a maximum of 3 companies per region who have convinced us with their work and who offer fair value for money.


Houzy supports regional craftsmen, so we only recommend businesses near you. Moreover, you save money thanks to shorter travel times.


Houzy is not just an intermediary. We maintain close contact with our craft partners to ensure your satisfaction.

Data protection

Data security is our top priority. Your data will never be passed on to third parties without permission. You decide which data you share for your offers.

Electricians are specialists in all electrical installations in the house

Electricians are specialists in all electrical installations in the house

Electrician is a collective term for various professions. Electrical planners plan electrical installations, electricians install, maintain or repair electrical installations, and installation electricians pull in power lines, move electrical outlets, repair light switches, connect appliances and install security systems. Electricians are the experts in everything related to electricity: Electrical installations, lighting installation, and Internet, telephone, and TV connections.

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Answer a few questions and describe your electrician project (new construction, renovation or remodeling).


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Get up to 3 free electrician offers from professionals in your region that we recommend.


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Your satisfaction is our top priority! If an order is not completed to your satisfaction, the request will be reviewed by us.

Plan or renovate electrical installations

Electrical installations include everything a house needs for building services and power supply. From cabling to antenna or telephone systems and modern smart home systems. According to the service life table, power lines last 40 years, lights 20 years and switches or sockets 15 years. If you are renovating or remodeling a house, for example putting in new walls or tearing down walls, you should think about the electrical installations depending on the age of the house.

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Plan or renovate electrical installations
Hang lamps and install sockets

Hang lamps and install sockets

Electricians also do smaller and/or simpler jobs around the house or outside. For example, pulling in new power lines or cables for cable TV and installing new outlets if the old outlets are in the wrong place in the room. Or hooking up and professionally installing ceiling lights, LED lights or wall sconces. Or relocate a fuse box. Or install outdoor lights and connect them to a motion detector or smart home system.

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Costs for electricians and electrician work

Most electricians and installation electricians charge 90 to 135 Swiss francs per hour. If you are building a new house or renovating an existing one, you should expect to pay 3 to 5 percent of the total construction or renovation costs for the electrician's work. Simpler installations cost a few thousand francs, more complex installations a few tens of thousands of francs. If you only want to hang a lamp, you can expect to pay between 100 and 200 Swiss francs. You can learn more in the article "Costs for Electricians: This is How Much the Most Common Electrician Work Costs".

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Costs for electricians and electrician work

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