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Quality over quantity

We only work with a maximum of 3 companies per region who have convinced us with their work and who offer fair value for money.


Houzy supports regional craftsmen, so we only recommend businesses near you. Moreover, you save money thanks to shorter travel times.


Houzy is not just an intermediary. We maintain close contact with our craft partners to ensure your satisfaction.

Data protection

Data security is our top priority. Your data will never be passed on to third parties without permission. You decide which data you share for your offers.

Metalworkers are specialists for all metal components

Metalworkers are specialists for all metal components

Metalworkers and locksmiths design resilient metal structures, bend, shape, forge, cut and weld components made of aluminum, copper, steel or other metals and assemble them professionally. For example, balconies, carports, windows, garage doors, railings, grilles, stairs, doors, pergolass or winter gardens. They also regularly check their metal structures for damage, carry out repair or welding work and keep the metal structures in good condition.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority! If an order is not completed to your satisfaction, the request will be reviewed by us.

Metalworkers for balconies and winter gardens

A balcony enlarges your living space, increases living comfort and improves your quality of life. Metalworkers install balconies made of aluminium or steel that stand on two or four posts and/or are anchored in the facade: stacked balconies, cantilevered balconies, hung balconies or free-standing balconies. They also build durable and stable metal winter gardens. Good to know: for a balcony or winter garden that is firmly connected to the floor, you need a building permit.

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Metalworkers for balconies and winter gardens
Metalworkerss for carports, garage doors and door openers

Metalworkerss for carports, garage doors and door openers

Metalworkers and locksmiths assemble carports or garage doors made of metal and install electric door openers. They measure the area for the carport, plan the project, concrete the foundation, set the post supports and build the carport. Metal carports protect your car and are very stable. If you want to secure your carport or garage, a metal garage door - with or without a door opener - is a sensible alternative to a wooden or plastic door.

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This is how much metalworkers and locksmiths in Switzerland cost

The costs vary greatly depending on the order or component. Detailed information can be found in our articles «Adding a balcony: Costs, variants and permits», «Carport: Costs, Seven Advantages and Solar Power from the Carport Roof», «How Much Does a New Garage Cost?» and «Planning a Winter Garden: Location, Material, Glazing and Cost» or on our pages «Balcony», «Carport», «Garage» and «Winter garden». If you want to know more, ask for an offer now.

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This is how much metalworkers and locksmiths in Switzerland cost

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